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2-3 He summoned all the army officers and judges to Gibeon[a] as well as all the political and religious leaders of Israel. He led them up the hill to the old Tabernacle* constructed by Moses, the Lord’s assistant, while he was in the wilderness. (There was a later Tabernacle in Jerusalem, built by King David for the Ark of God when he removed it from Kiriath-jearim.) 5-6 The bronze altar made by Bezalel (son of Uri, son of Hur) still stood in front of the old Tabernacle, and now Solomon and those he had invited assembled themselves before it, as he sacrificed upon it 1,000 burnt offerings to the Lord.

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  1. 2 Chronicles 1:2 He summoned all the army officers and judges to Gibeon, implied. He led them up the hill to the old Tabernacle. Moses had built the Tabernacle 500 years before the reign of King Solomon.

and Solomon and the whole assembly went to the high place at Gibeon,(A) for God’s tent of meeting(B) was there, which Moses(C) the Lord’s servant had made in the wilderness. Now David had brought up the ark(D) of God from Kiriath Jearim to the place he had prepared for it, because he had pitched a tent(E) for it in Jerusalem. But the bronze altar(F) that Bezalel(G) son of Uri, the son of Hur, had made was in Gibeon in front of the tabernacle of the Lord; so Solomon and the assembly inquired(H) of him there.

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