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1 Maccabees 10:51-59 New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

Treaty of Ptolemy and Alexander. 51 Alexander sent ambassadors to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, with this message: 52 “Now that I have returned to my realm, taken my seat on the throne of my ancestors, and established my rule by crushing Demetrius and gaining control of my country— 53 for I engaged him in battle, he and his army were crushed by us, and we assumed his royal throne— 54 let us now establish friendship with each other. Give me now your daughter for my wife; and as your son-in-law, I will give to you and to her gifts worthy of you.”

55 King Ptolemy answered in these words: “Happy the day on which you returned to the land of your ancestors and took your seat on their royal throne! 56 I will do for you what you have written; but meet me in Ptolemais, so that we may see each other, and I will become your father-in-law as you have proposed.”

57 So Ptolemy with his daughter Cleopatra[a] set out from Egypt and came to Ptolemais in the one hundred and sixty-second year. 58 There King Alexander met him, and Ptolemy gave him his daughter Cleopatra in marriage. Their wedding was celebrated at Ptolemais with great splendor according to the custom of kings.

59 King Alexander also wrote to Jonathan to come and meet him.


  1. 10:57 Cleopatra: Cleopatra Thea, then about fifteen years old. She later married Demetrius II, and later still, his brother Antiochus VII. Ptolemais (Acco) on the coast of Palestine was a neutral site. The one hundred and sixty-second year: 151/150 B.C.
New American Bible (Revised Edition) (NABRE)

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