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David Gives Thanks to the Lord

16 David went into the tent he had set up for the sacred chest. He sat there and prayed:

Lord God, my family and I don’t deserve what you have already done for us, 17 and yet you have promised to do even more for my descendants. You are treating me as if I am a very important person.[a] 18 I am your servant, and you know my thoughts. What else can I say, except that you have honored me? 19 It was your choice to do these wonderful things for me and to make these promises.

20 No other god is like you, Lord—you alone are God. Everything we have heard about you is true. 21 And there is no other nation on earth like Israel, the nation you rescued from slavery in Egypt to be your own. You became famous by using great and wonderful miracles to force other nations and their gods out of your land, so that your people could live here. 22 You have chosen Israel to be your people forever, and you have become their God.

23 Lord God, please do what you promised me and my descendants. 24 Then you will be famous forever, and everyone will say, “The Lord All-Powerful rules Israel and is their God.”

My kingdom will be strong, 25 because you are my God, and you have promised that my descendants will be kings. That’s why I have the courage to pray to you like this, even though I am only your servant.

26 You are the Lord God, and you have made this good promise to me. 27 Now please bless my descendants forever, and let them always be your chosen kings. You have already blessed my family, and I know you will bless us forever.

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  1. 17.17 You are treating me. . . person: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.