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Food Given to False Gods

I want to write about food that has been given as a gift in worship to a false god. We all know something about it. Knowing about it makes one feel important. But love makes one strong. The person who thinks he knows all the answers still has a lot to learn. But if he loves God, he is known by God also.

What about food that has been given as a gift to a false god in worship? Is it right? We know that a false god is not a god at all. There is only one God! There is no other. Men have thought there are many such gods and lords in the sky and on the earth. But we know there is only one God. He is the Father. All things are from Him. He made us for Himself. There is one Lord. He is Jesus Christ. He made all things. He keeps us alive.

Not all men know this. They have given food as a gift in worship to a god as if the god were alive. Some men have done this all their lives. If they eat such food, their hearts tell them it is wrong. Food will not bring us near to God. We are no worse if we do not eat it, or we are no better if we eat it. Since you are free to do as you please, be careful that this does not hurt a weak Christian. 10 A Christian who is weak may see you eat food in a place where it has been given as a gift to false gods in worship. Since he sees you eat it, he will eat it also. 11 You may make the weak Christian fall into sin by what you have done. Remember, he is a Christian brother for whom Christ died. 12 When you sin against a weak Christian by making him do what is wrong, you sin against Christ. 13 So then, if eating meat makes my Christian brother trip and fall, I will never eat it again. I do not want to make my Christian brother sin.

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