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There are different types of spiritual gifts, but the same spirit; there are different types of service, but the same Lord; and there are different types of activity, but it is the same God who operates all of them in everyone. The point of the spirit being revealed in each one is so that all may benefit. One person is given a word of wisdom through the spirit; another, a word of knowledge by the same spirit; another, faith through the same spirit; another, gifts of healing by the one spirit; 10 another, the working of mighty deeds; another, prophecy; another, the ability to distinguish spirits; another, various kinds of languages; another, the interpretation of languages. 11 It is the one spirit, the same one, whose work produces all these things, and the spirit gives different gifts to each one in accordance with the spirit’s own wishes.

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28 In the church, God has placed apostles first, then prophets, then teachers, then powerful deeds, then gifts of healing, helpful deeds, organizational gifts, different types of languages.

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But grace was given to each one of us, according to the measure the king used when he was distributing gifts. That’s why it says,

When he went up on high
he led bondage itself into bondage
and he gave gifts to people.

When it says here that ‘he went up’, what this means is that he also came down into the lower place, that is, the earth. 10 The one who came down is the one who also ‘went up’ – yes, above all the heavens! – so that he might fill all things.

Grown-Up Christianity

11 So these were the gifts that he gave. Some were to be apostles, others prophets, others evangelists, and others pastors and teachers. 12 Their job is to give God’s people the equipment they need for their work of service, and so to build up the king’s body. 13 The purpose of this is that we should all reach unity in our belief and loyalty, and in knowing God’s son. Then we shall reach the stature of the mature Man measured by the standards of the king’s fullness.

14 As a result, we won’t be babies any longer! We won’t be thrown this way and that on a stormy sea, blown about by every gust of teaching, by human tricksters, by their cunning and deceitful scheming. 15 Instead, we must speak the truth in love, and so grow up in everything into him – that is, into the king, who is the head. 16 He supplies the growth that the whole body needs, linked as it is and held together by every joint which supports it, with each member doing its own proper work. Then the body builds itself up in love.

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