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Binyamin fathered Bela his firstborn son; his second, Ashbel; his third, Achrach; his fourth, Nochah; and his fifth, Rafa. Bela had sons: Adar, Gera, Avihud, Avishua, Na‘aman, Achoach, Gera, Sh’fufan and Huram. These are the sons of Ehud, the heads of fathers’ clans among the inhabitants of Geva (they were carried away captive to Manachat; those who carried them off were Na‘aman, Achiyah and Gera): he fathered ‘Uzah and Achichud. Shacharayim fathered children on the plains of Mo’av; after sending away his wives Hushim and Ba‘ara, it was through his wife Hodesh that he fathered: Yovav, Tzivya, Mesha, Malkam, 10 Ye‘utz, Sokhya and Mirmah. These were his sons, heads of clans. 11 Through Hushim he fathered Avituv and Elpa‘al. 12 The sons of Elpa‘al: ‘Ever, Mish‘am, Shemed — he built Ono and Lod with its towns — 13 and B’ri‘ah and Shema — they were heads of fathers’ clans among the inhabitants of Ayalon, who drove away the people living in Gat.

14 Achyo, Shashak, Yeremot, 15 Z’vadyah, ‘Arad, ‘Eder, 16 Mikha’el, Yishpah and Yocha were the sons of B’ri‘ah. 17 Z’vadyah, Meshulam, Hizki, Hever, 18 Yishm’rai, Yizli’ah and Yovav were the sons of Elpa‘al. 19 Yakim, Zikhri, Zavdi, 20 Eli‘einai, Tziltai, Eli’el, 21 ‘Adayah, B’rayah and Shimrat were the sons of Shim‘i. 22 Yishpan, ‘Eved, Eli’el, 23 ‘Avdon, Zikhri, Hanan, 24 Hananyah, ‘Eilam, ‘Anatotyah, 25 Yifdeyah and P’nu’el were the sons of Shashak. 26 Shamsh’rai, Sh’charyah, ‘Atalyah, 27 Ya‘areshyah, Eliyah and Zikhri were the sons of Yerocham. 28 These were leaders of fathers’ houses through all their generations, leading men who lived in Yerushalayim.

29 In Giv‘on lived the father of Giv‘on, whose wife’s name was Ma‘akhah; 30 and his firstborn son ‘Avdon, Tzur, Kish, Ba‘al, Nadav, 31 G’dor, Achyo and Zekher. 32 Miklot fathered Shim’ah. In contrast with some of their kinsmen, they and their families lived in Yerushalayim.

33 Ner fathered Kish; Kish fathered Sha’ul; and Sha’ul fathered Y’honatan, Malkishua, Avinadav and Eshba‘al. 34 The son of Y’honatan was M’riv-Ba‘al, and M’riv-Ba‘al fathered Mikhah. 35 The sons of Mikhah: Piton, Melekh, Ta’rea and Achaz. 36 Achaz fathered Y’ho‘adah; Y’ho‘adah fathered ‘Alemet, ‘Azmavet and Zimri; Zimri fathered Motza; 37 and Motza fathered Bin‘a. His son was Rafah, his son was El‘asah and his son was Atzel. 38 Atzel had six sons, whose names were: ‘Azrikam, Bokhru, Yishma‘el, Sh‘aryah, ‘Ovadyah and Hanan; all these were sons of Atzel. 39 The sons of his brother ‘Eshek: Ulam his firstborn, Ye‘ush the second and Elifelet the third. 40 The sons of Ulam were strong, brave men, archers; they had many children and grandchildren, a hundred and fifty. All these were descendants of Binyamin.

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