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These were the sons born to David in Hevron: the firstborn was Amnon, whose mother was Achino‘am from Yizre‘el; the second, Dani’el, whose mother was Avigayil from Karmel; the third, Avshalom, the son of Ma‘akhah the daughter of Talmai king of G’shur; the fourth, Adoniyah the son of Haggit; the fifth, Sh’fatyah, whose mother was Avital; and the sixth, Yitre‘am, whose mother was his wife ‘Eglah. Six were born to David in Hevron. He ruled there seven years and six months; then he ruled in Yerushalayim thirty-three years.

These were born to him in Yerushalayim: Shim‘a, Shovav, Natan, Shlomo, four whose mother was Bat-Shua the daughter of ‘Ammi’el; and nine others — Yivchar, Elishama, Elifelet, Nogah, Nefeg, Yafia, Elishama, Elyada and Elifelet. All these were sons of David, apart from the sons of the concubines; Tamar was their sister.

10 Shlomo’s son was Rechav‘am, his son Aviyah, his son Asa, his son Y’hoshafat, 11 his son Yoram, his son Achazyah, his son Yo’ash, 12 his son Amatzyah, his son ‘Azaryah, his son Yotam, 13 his son Achaz, his son Hizkiyahu, his son M’nasheh, 14 his son Amon and his son Yoshiyahu. 15 The sons of Yoshiyahu: Yochanan the firstborn, Y’hoyakim the second, Tzedekyah the third, and Shalum the fourth. 16 The sons of Y’hoyakim: Y’khonyah his son, and Tzedekyah his son. 17 The sons of Y’khonyah, also called Asir: Sh’alti’el his son; 18 also Malkiram, P’dayah, Shen’atzar, Y’kamyah, Hoshama and N’davyah. 19 The sons of P’dayah: Z’rubavel and Shim‘i. The children of Z’rubavel: Meshulam, Hananyah and Shlomit their sister; 20 also Hashuvah, Ohel, Berekhyah, Hasadyah and Yushav-Hesed — five. 21 The sons of Hananyah: P’latyah and Yesha‘yah. His son was Refayah. His son was Arnan. His son was ‘Ovadyah. And his son was Sh’khanyah. 22 The sons of Sh’khanyah: Sh’ma‘yah and the sons of Sh’ma‘yah — Hatush, Yig’al, Bariach, Ne‘aryah and Shafat — six. 23 The sons of Ne‘aryah: Elyo‘einai, Hizkiyah and ‘Azrikam — three. 24 The sons of Elyo‘einai: Hodavyahu, Elyashiv, P’layah, ‘Akuv, Yochanan, D’layah and ‘Anani — seven.

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