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1 Timothy 6 Expanded Bible (EXB)

All who are ·slaves [L slaves under a yoke] should show full ·respect [honor] to their masters so no one will ·speak against [revile; blaspheme] God’s name and ·our teaching [or Christian doctrine; L the teaching]. The slaves whose masters are believers should not ·show their masters any less respect [disrespect them; or take advantage of them] because they are believers. They should serve their masters even better, because they are helping believers ·they love [or loved by God; L who are beloved].

You must teach and ·preach [encourage/exhort them about] these things.

False Teaching and True Riches

Anyone who has a different teaching and does not agree with the ·true teaching [sound/healthy words] of our Lord Jesus Christ and the teaching that ·shows the true way to serve God [promotes piety/godliness] that person is ·full of pride [arrogant; conceited] and understands nothing, but ·is sick with a love for [has an unhealthy interest in] ·arguing [controversies; debate] and ·fighting about [quarrels over] words. This brings ·jealousy [envy], ·fighting [strife; division], ·speaking against others [slander; blasphemy], evil ·mistrust [suspicions], and constant ·quarrels [bickering; disputes] from those who have ·evil [depraved; corrupted] minds and have ·lost [been deprived of] the truth. They think that ·serving God [godliness; piety] is a way to ·get rich [make a profit].

[L But] ·Serving God [Godliness; Piety] does ·make us very rich [bring great profit], ·if we are satisfied with what we have [when accompanied by contentment]. [L For] We brought nothing into the world, so we can take nothing out. But, if we have food and clothes, we will be satisfied with that. Those who want to become rich ·bring temptation to themselves [L fall into temptation] and are caught in a trap. They ·want [desire] many foolish and harmful things that ·ruin and destroy people [L plunge people into ruin and destruction]. 10 [L For] The love of money ·causes [L is the root of] all kinds of evil. Some people have ·left [strayed/wandered from] the faith, because they wanted ·to get more money [L it], ·but they have caused themselves much sorrow [L and have pierced themselves with many pains].

Some Things to Remember

11 But you, man of God, ·run away from [flee] all those things. Instead, chase after [pursue] ·a right relationship with God [righteousness], a godly life [godliness; piety], faith, love, ·patience [perseverance; endurance], and gentleness. 12 ·Fight the good fight [or Run the good race] of faith, grabbing hold of ·the life that continues forever [eternal life]. You were called to have that life when you confessed the good confession before many witnesses [1:18]. 13 ·In the sight of [In the presence of; L Before] God, who gives life to everything, and of Christ Jesus, I ·give you a command [exhort/encourage/charge you]. Christ Jesus made the good confession when he stood before Pontius Pilate [Matt. 27:11–26; Mark 15:1–15; Luke 23:1–24; John 18:28—19:16]. 14 ·Do what you were commanded to do [Keep/Obey the command] without ·wrong [spot; stain] or blame until our Lord Jesus Christ ·comes again [returns; appears]. 15 God will ·make that happen [L reveal it] at ·the right [the appointed; his own] time. He is the blessed and only ·Ruler [Sovereign], the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. 16 He is the only One who ·never dies [has immortality]. He lives in light ·so bright no one can go near it [unapproachable]. No one has ever seen God, or can see him. May honor and power belong to God forever. Amen.

17 Command those who are rich ·with things of this world [L in the present age] not to be ·proud [arrogant; haughty]. Tell them to hope in God, not in their uncertain riches. God richly gives us everything to enjoy. 18 Tell ·the rich people [L them] to do good, to be rich in doing good deeds, to be generous and ready to share. 19 By doing that, they will be ·saving [storing up] a treasure for themselves as a strong foundation for the future. Then they will be able to ·have [take hold of] the life that is true life.

20 Timothy, guard what God has ·trusted to [entrusted/deposited with] you. Stay away from foolish, ·useless [irreverent; godless] talk and from the ·arguments [absurdities; contradictions] of what is falsely called “knowledge.” 21 By ·saying they have that “knowledge” [L claiming/professing it], some have ·missed [strayed/lost their way from] the true faith.

Grace be with you.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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