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As many as hosos are eimi under hypo the yoke zygos as slaves should consider hēgeomai · ho their own idios masters despotēs as worthy axios of all pas honor timē so that hina the ho name onoma of ho God theos and kai the ho teaching didaskalia might not be blasphemed blasphēmeō. And de let those ho who have echō believing pistos masters despotēs not despise kataphroneō them because hoti they are eimi brothers adelphos; rather alla, let them serve douleuō all the more mallon since hoti those ho benefiting from antilambanō their ho act of kindness euergesia are eimi believers pistos and kai beloved agapētos. Teach didaskō and kai urge parakaleō these things houtos.

If ei someone tis teaches a different doctrine heterodidaskaleō and kai does not adhere proserchomai to the healthy hygiainō words logos · ho of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai the ho teaching didaskalia that is according to kata godliness eusebeia, he is puffed up with conceit typhoō, understanding epistamai nothing mēdeis, but alla has a sickly craving noseō for peri speculations zētēsis and kai fights about words logomachia out of ek which hos come ginomai envy phthonos, strife eris, slanders blasphēmia, evil ponēros suspicions hyponoia, constant irritations diaparatribē among people anthrōpos who have been corrupted diaphtheirō in their ho mind nous and kai have been robbed apostereō of the ho truth alētheia, imagining nomizō that godliness eusebeia is eimi a means of profit porismos. · ho Now de godliness eusebeia with meta contentment autarkeia is eimi great megas profit porismos. · ho For gar we brought eispherō nothing oudeis into eis the ho world kosmos, and hoti neither oude are we able dynamai to take ekpherō anything tis out ; but de having echō food diatrophē and kai clothing skepasma, with these houtos we will be content arkeō. But de those ho wishing boulomai to be rich plouteō fall empiptō into eis temptation peirasmos and kai a snare pagis and kai many polys foolish anoētos and kai harmful blaberos passions epithumia that hostis plunge bythizō the ho people anthrōpos into eis ruin olethros and kai destruction apōleia. 10 For gar a root rhiza of all kinds pas of ho evils kakos is eimi the ho love of money philargyria, by which hos some tis, by their craving oregō, were led astray apoplanaō from apo the ho faith pistis and kai have pierced peripeirō themselves heautou with many polys pains odynē.

11 But de you sy, man anthrōpos of God theos, flee pheugō these things houtos and de pursue diōkō righteousness dikaiosynē, godliness eusebeia, faith pistis, love agapē, endurance hypomonē, gentleness praupatheia. 12 Fight agōnizomai the ho good kalos fight agōn of the ho faith pistis. Seize epilambanomai hold of the ho eternal aiōnios life zōē, to eis which hos you were called kaleō and kai about which you confessed homologeō the ho good kalos confession homologia before enōpion many polys witnesses martys. 13 I urge parangellō you sy, in the presence enōpion of ho God theos who ho gives life zōiogoneō to · ho all pas things and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous who ho witnessed martyreō in the time epi of Pontius Pontios Pilate Pilatos the ho good kalos confession homologia, 14 to keep tēreō the ho commandment entolē unblemished aspilos and above reproach anepilēmptos until mechri the ho appearing epiphaneia of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, 15 which hos he will make known deiknymi at the proper idios time kairos. To the ho Blessed makarios and kai only monos Sovereign dynastēs, the ho King basileus of ho kings basileuō and kai Lord kyrios of ho lords kyrieuō, 16 the ho only monos one having echō immortality athanasia, the one dwelling in oikeō unapproachable aprositos light phōs, whom hos no oudeis person anthrōpos has seen or oude is able dynamai to see, to him hos be honor timē and kai might kratos forever aiōnios, Amen amēn. 17 Urge parangellō the ho rich plousios in en the ho present nyn age aiōn not to be haughty hypsēlophroneō, or mēde to set their hope elpizō on epi the uncertainty adēlotēs of riches ploutos but alla on epi God theos who ho grants parechō to us hēmeis all pas things richly plousiōs for eis our enjoyment apolausis, 18 to do good agathoergeō, to be rich plouteō in en good kalos deeds ergon, to be eimi generous eumetadotos, sharing koinōnikos, 19 laying up apothēsaurizō for themselves heautou a good kalos foundation themelios for eis the ho coming mellō age, so that hina they might seize hold epilambanomai of what ho is truly ontōs life zōē.

20 O ō Timothy Timotheos, guard phylassō the ho deposit entrusted parathēkē to you, avoiding ektrepō the ho unholy bebēlos chatter kenophōnia and kai contradictions antithesis of what ho is falsely named pseudōnymos knowledge gnōsis,” 21 for by professing epangellomai it hos, some tis have swerved astocheō from peri the ho faith pistis. · ho Grace charis be with meta you hymeis.

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