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Blame thou not an elder man, but beseech [him] as a father, young men as brethren;

old women as mothers, young women as sisters, in all chastity.

Honour thou widows [Honour the widows], that be very widows.

But if any widow hath children of sons [Forsooth if any widow hath sons, or cousins], learn she first to govern her house, and requite to father and mother; for this thing is accepted before God.

And she that is a widow verily, and desolate, hope [she] into God, and be busy in beseechings and prayers night and day.

For she that is living in delights, is dead [in soul].

And command thou this thing [And this thing command thou], that they be without reproof.

For if any man hath not care of his own, and most(ly) of his household members, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an unfaithful man [and is worse than an unfaithful, or heathen, man].

A widow be chosen [into the temple] not less than sixty years, that was wife of one husband,

10 and hath witnessing in good works, if she nourished children [having witnessing in good works, if she nourished sons], if she received poor men to harbour, if she hath washed the feet of holy men, if she ministered to men that suffered tribulation [if she under-ministered to men suffering tribulation], if she followed all good work.

11 But eschew younger widows; for when they have done lechery, they will be wedded in Christ, [Forsooth eschew younger widows; forsooth when they have done lechery in Christ, they will be wedded,]

12 having damnation, for they have made void the first faith.

13 Also [and] they idle learn to go about houses, not only idle, but [they be] full of words and curious [but and full of words and curiosity], speaking things that it behooveth not.

14 Therefore I will, that younger widows be wedded, and bring forth children, and be housewives, to give none occasion to the adversary, because of cursed thing [by cause of cursed thing].

15 For now some be turned aback after Satan.

16 If any faithful man hath widows, minister he to them [under-minister he to them], that the church be not charged, that it suffice to them that be very widows.

17 The priests that be well governors [The priests that be well before, that is, truly keep well priesthood], be they had worthy to double honour; most they that travail in word and teaching.

18 For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not bridle the mouth of the ox threshing, and, A workman is worthy his hire.

19 Do not thou receive accusing against a priest, but under twain or three [two or three] witnesses.

20 But reprove thou men that sin before all men, that also others have dread. [Men sinning before all men reprove thou, that and others have dread.]

21 I pray thee before God [I pray, or adjure, thee before God], and Jesus Christ, and his chosen angels, that thou keep these things without prejudice, and do nothing in bowing to the other side [doing nothing, bowing into another part].

22 Put thou hands to no man, neither at once commune thou with other men's sins [Put thou hands to no man soon, neither commune thou with other men's sins]. Keep thyself chaste.

23 Do not thou yet drink water, but use a little wine, for thy stomach, and for thine oft falling infirmities.

24 Some men's sins be open, before going to doom; but of some men they come after. [Some men's sins be open, going before to doom; forsooth of some men and they follow.]

25 And also good deeds be open, and those that have them in other manner be not able to be hid. [Also and good deeds be open, and they that have them otherwise, may not be hid.]