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Do not rebuke epiplēssō but alla encourage parakaleō an older man presbyteros as hōs a father patēr, younger men neos as hōs brothers adelphos, older women presbyteros as hōs mothers mētēr, younger women neos as hōs sisters adelphē with en all pas purity hagneia.

Honor timaō widows chēra who ho are truly ontōs widows chēra. But de if ei a certain tis widow chēra has echō children teknon or ē grandchildren ekgonos, let them learn manthanō to show godliness eusebeō first prōton to eusebeō · ho their own idios household oikos and kai to make apodidōmi some return amoibē to their ho parents progonos; for gar this houtos is eimi pleasing apodektos before enōpion · ho God theos. But de the ho true ontōs widow chēra, · kai who has been left totally alone monoō, has set her hope elpizō on epi God theos and kai continues prosmenō in ho entreaties deēsis and kai · ho prayers proseuchē night nyx and kai day hēmera. But de the ho one who has lived for pleasure spatalaō, even though living zaō, has died thnēskō. Command parangellō these things houtos as well kai, so that hina they may be eimi above reproach anepilēmptos. But de if ei anyone tis does pronoeō not ou care for pronoeō · ho his own idios, · kai especially malista his household members oikeios, he has disowned arneomai the ho faith pistis and kai is eimi worse cheirōn than an unbeliever apistos. Let a widow chēra be enrolled katalegō if she is ginomai not less than elassōn sixty hexēkonta years old etos, a woman gynē of one heis man anēr, 10 being witnessed to martyreō by en good kalos deeds ergon, if ei she raised children teknotropheō, if ei she showed hospitality xenodocheō, if ei she washed niptō the feet pous of the saints hagios, if ei she helped eparkeō the afflicted thlibō, if ei she earnestly pursued epakoloutheō every pas good agathos work ergon. 11 But de refuse paraiteomai to enroll younger neos widows chēra, for gar when hotan their passions draw them away katastrēniaō from ho Christ Christos, they desire thelō to marry gameō 12 and come echō under judgment krima since hoti they abandoned atheteō their ho former prōtos faith pistis. 13 But de at the same time hama they manthanō also kai learn manthanō to be idlers argos, flitting about perierchomai among · ho houses oikia, but de not ou only monon idlers argos but alla also kai gossips phlyaros and kai busybodies periergos, speaking laleō about things ho that they should dei not . 14 So oun, I wish boulomai younger neos widows to marry gameō, to bear children teknogoneō, to manage their households oikodespoteō, to give didōmi the ho Accuser antikeimai no mēdeis occasion aphormē for charin slander loidoria, 15 for gar some tis have already ēdē strayed ektrepō after opisō · ho Satan Satanas. 16 If ei any tis believing pistos woman has echō widows chēra, let her care for eparkeō them autos, and kai the ho church ekklēsia should not be burdened bareō so that hina it may care for eparkeō the ho true ontōs widows chēra.

17 Let axioō the ho elders presbyteros who have been serving proistēmi well kalōs be considered worthy of axioō double diplous honor timē, namely malista, those ho who are laboring hard kopiaō at en preaching logos and kai teaching didaskalia. 18 For gar Scripture graphē says legō, · ho Do phimoō not ou muzzle phimoō an ox bous that is treading out aloaō the grain,” and kai, “ Worthy axios is the ho worker ergatēs of ho his autos wage misthos.” 19 Do paradechomai not accept paradechomai an accusation katēgoria against kata an elder presbyteros, except ektos ei on epi the evidence of two dyo or ē three treis witnesses martys. 20 Confront elenchō those ho who persist in sinning hamartanō before enōpion everyone pas, so that hina · kai the ho rest loipos may stand in echō fear phobos. 21 I solemnly charge diamartyromai you before enōpion · ho God theos and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous and kai the ho elect eklektos angels angelos that hina you keep phylassō these things houtos without chōris prejudging prokrima, doing poieō nothing mēdeis with kata partiality prosklisis. 22 Do epitithēmi not mēdeis lay epitithēmi hands cheir on anyone mēdeis quickly tacheōs or mēde share in koinōneō the sins hamartia of others allotrios; keep tēreō yourself seautou pure hagnos. 23 ( No longer mēketi drink only water hydropoteō, but alla use chraomai a little oligos wine oinos, on account of dia your · ho stomach stomachos and kai · ho your sy frequent pyknos illnesses astheneia.) 24 The ho sins hamartia of some tis people anthrōpos are eimi conspicuous prodēlos, going before proagō them into eis judgment krisis, but de they also kai follow after epakoloutheō some tis. 25 So hōsautōs also kai the ho good kalos works ergon · ho of some are conspicuous prodēlos, and kai those ho that are echō not conspicuous allōs are dynamai not ou able dynamai to be hidden kryptō.

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