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Trustworthy pistos is the ho saying logos. If ei anyone tis aspires to oregō the office of overseer episkopē, he is desiring epithumeō a good kalos work ergon. Therefore oun, it is necessary dei for an ho overseer episkopos to be eimi above reproach anepilēmptos: a man anēr of one heis woman gynē, clear-minded nēphalios, self-controlled sōphrōn, dignified kosmios, hospitable philoxenos, skilled in teaching didaktikos, not a drunkard paroinos, not violent plēktēs but alla gracious epieikēs, not quarrelsome amachos, not a lover of money aphilargyros, managing proistēmi · ho his own idios household oikos well kalōs, having echō submissive en children teknon with meta all pas dignity semnotēs ( for de if ei someone tis does oida not ou know how oida to manage proistēmi · ho his idios own household oikos, how pōs will he care for epimeleomai the church ekklēsia of God theos?), not a recent convert neophytos, lest hina mē having become conceited typhoō, he fall empiptō into eis the judgment krima of the ho devil diabolos. And de it is also kai necessary dei for an overseer to have echō a good kalos reputation martyria with apo those ho outside exōthen, lest hina mē he fall empiptō into eis reproach oneidismos, · kai which is the snare pagis of the ho devil diabolos.

Deacons diakonos, likewise hōsautōs, must be dignified semnos, not gossips dilogos, not addicted polys to wine oinos, not greedy for gain aischrokerdēs, holding echō to the ho mystery mystērion of the ho faith pistis with en a clean katharos conscience syneidēsis. 10 And de they houtos should also kai be tested dokimazō first prōton; then eita let them serve diakoneō if they are found eimi above reproach anenklētos. 11 Wives gynē likewise hōsautōs must be dignified semnos, not slanderers diabolos, clear-minded nēphalios, faithful pistos in en all things pas. 12 Deacons diakonos each should be eimi men anēr of one heis woman gynē, managing proistēmi children teknon and kai · ho their own idios households oikos well kalōs. 13 For gar those ho who serve diakoneō well kalōs are acquiring peripoieō a good kalos standing bathmos for themselves heautou and kai great polys confidence parrēsia in en faith pistis, which ho is in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous.

14 I am writing graphō these things houtos to you sy, even though I am hoping elpizō to come erchomai to pros you sy quickly en tachos, 15 but de if ean I wait bradynō, so that hina you may know oida how pōs it is necessary dei for people to conduct themselves anastrephō in en the house oikos of God theos, which hostis is eimi the church ekklēsia of the living zaō God theos, a pillar stylos and kai buttress hedraiōma of the ho truth alētheia. 16 And kai undeniably homologoumenōs great megas is eimi the ho mystery mystērion of ho godliness eusebeia, who hos was revealed phaneroō in en flesh sarx, was vindicated dikaioō in en spirit pneuma, appeared horaō to angels angelos; was preached kēryssō among en the nations ethnos, was believed pisteuō in en the world kosmos, was taken analambanō up in en glory doxa.

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