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Paul Paulos, an apostle apostolos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous because kata of the command epitagē from God theos our hēmeis Savior sōtēr and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous our hēmeis · ho hope elpis, to Timothy Timotheos, my true gnēsios spiritual en son teknon: Grace charis, mercy eleos, peace eirēnē from apo God theos the Father patēr and kai Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous our hēmeis · ho Lord kyrios.

Just kathōs as I urged parakaleō you sy to stay prosmenō on in en Ephesus Ephesos while I was traveling poreuō to eis Macedonia Makedonia, so hina that you might command parangellō certain tis people not to continue teaching heterodidaskaleō any different doctrine or mēde to devote prosechō themselves to endless aperantos myths mythos and kai genealogies genealogia, which hostis produce parechō speculations ekzētēsis rather mallon than ē the stewardship oikonomia from God theos which ho is by en faith pistis. But de the ho goal telos of this ho command parangelia is eimi love agapē from ek a clean katharos heart kardia and kai a clear agathos conscience syneidēsis and kai a sincere anypokritos faith pistis. Some tis, having fallen astocheō short of these things hos, have wandered ektrepō away into eis senseless babble mataiologia, wishing thelō to eimi be teachers nomodidaskalos of the law even though they do not understand noeō either mēte what hos they are saying legō or mēte concerning peri what tis things they are so dogmatically asserting diabebaioomai.

Now de we know oida that hoti the ho law nomos is good kalos if ean someone tis uses chraomai it autos lawfully nomimōs, knowing oida this houtos, that hoti law nomos is not ou valid keimai for dikaios a righteous person dikaios but de for the lawless anomos and kai rebellious anypotaktos, irreligious asebēs and kai sinners hamartōlos, unholy anosios and kai profane bebēlos, those who beat their fathers patrolōas and kai mothers mētrolōas, murderers androphonos, 10 fornicators pornos, men who practice homosexuality arsenokoitēs, kidnappers andrapodistēs, liars pseustēs, perjurers epiorkos, and kai everything ei tis else heteros that ho is contrary to antikeimai healthy hygiainō teaching didaskalia, 11 in conformity to kata the ho gospel euangelion of ho the glory doxa of the ho blessed makarios God theos with which hos I egō was entrusted pisteuō.

12 I continually echō thank charis him who ho strengthened endynamoō me egō, Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios, since hoti he considered hēgeomai that even I egō would be faithful pistos, as evidenced by his appointing tithēmi me to eis service diakonia, 13 even though · ho formerly proteros I was eimi a blasphemer blasphēmos, · kai persecutor diōktēs, and kai an insolent person hybristēs. But alla I was shown mercy eleeō since hoti, being ignorant agnoeō, I had acted poieō in en unbelief apistia; 14 and de the ho grace charis of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios completely overflowed hyperpleonazō for me with meta faith pistis and kai love agapē that ho are in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous. 15 Trustworthy pistos is the ho saying logos and kai worthy axios of complete pas acceptance apodochē: “ Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous came erchomai into eis the ho world kosmos in order to save sōzō sinners hamartōlos,” of whom hos I egō am eimi the foremost prōtos. 16 But alla for dia this houtos reason I was shown mercy eleeō: so that hina in en me egō as foremost prōtos Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous might display endeiknymi his ho complete hapas patience makrothumia as pros an illustration hypotypōsis for those ho who were mellō to believe pisteuō in epi him autos for eis eternal aiōnios life zōē. 17 Now de to the ho king basileus of ho ages aiōn, incorruptible aphthartos, invisible aoratos, the only monos God theos, be honor timē and kai glory doxa for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho Amen amēn.

18 This houtos · ho command parangelia I am entrusting paratithēmi to you sy, child teknon Timothy Timotheos, in accordance with kata the ho prophecies prophēteia previously proagō made about epi you sy, so that hina by en them autos you might fight the ho good kalos fight strateia, 19 holding echō on to faith pistis and kai a good agathos conscience syneidēsis. By rejecting apōtheō their faith and good conscience, some tis have shipwrecked nauageō the ho faith pistis, 20 among whom hos are eimi Hymenaeus Hymenaios and kai Alexander Alexandros, whom hos I have delivered over paradidōmi to ho Satan Satanas so that hina they might be taught paideuō through punishment not to blaspheme blasphēmeō.

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