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Therefore oun since Christ Christos suffered paschō in the flesh sarx, arm yourselves hoplizō also kai with the ho same autos way of thinking ennoia, that is, that hoti the ho one who has suffered paschō in the flesh sarx has finished pauō with sin hamartia, so that eis you no longer mēketi live bioō your ho remaining epiloipos days chronos in en the flesh sarx concerned about human anthrōpos desires epithumia but alla about the will thelēma of God theos. For gar the ho time chronos already gone by parerchomai is enough arketos for you to have done what ho the ho pagans ethnos like boulēma to do katergazomai, carrying on poreuō in en sensuality aselgeia, passions epithumia, drunkenness oinophlygia, orgies kōmos, drinking parties potos, and kai disgusting athemitos worship of idols eidōlolatria. In en all this hos, they are surprised xenizō that you hymeis do not plunge syntrechō with them into eis the ho same autos flood anachusis of ho debauchery asōtia, and they malign blasphēmeō you. They hos will give apodidōmi an account logos to ho him who stands echō ready hetoimōs to judge krinō the living zaō and kai the dead nekros. It was for eis this houtos very purpose · kai that the gospel was preached euangelizō to the dead nekros, so that hina though men they were judged krinō as kata men anthrōpos in the flesh sarx, they might live zaō · de as kata God theos in the Spirit pneuma.

The ho end telos of all things pas · de is at hand engizō, so oun use sound judgment sōphroneō and kai be sober-minded nēphō for eis the sake of prayer proseuchē. Above pro all pas, · ho maintain echō a fervent ektenēs love agapē among eis yourselves heautou, for hoti love agapē covers kalyptō a multitude plēthos of sins hamartia. Be hospitable philoxenos to eis one another allēlōn without aneu grumbling gongysmos. 10 Each one hekastos should serve diakoneō others heautou in respect to kathōs the gift charisma he has received lambanō, as hōs a good kalos steward oikonomos of charis the grace charis of God theos in its various forms poikilos: 11 if ei someone tis speaks laleō, as hōs speaking the oracles logion of God theos; if ei someone tis serves diakoneō, as hōs by ek the strength ischus that hos God theos supplies chorēgeō · ho so that hina in en everything pas God theos may be glorified doxazō · ho through dia Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. To him hos belong eimi · ho glory doxa and kai · ho power kratos for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho Amen amēn.

12 Dear friends agapētos, do not be surprised xenizō that a trial peirasmos by ho fire pyrōsis is taking place ginomai among en you hymeis, as hōs though something strange xenos were happening symbainō to you hymeis. 13 But alla rejoice chairō insofar katho as you now share koinōneō the ho sufferings pathēma of ho Christ Christos, so that hina when en · ho his autos glory doxa is revealed apokalypsis, · ho you may also kai rejoice chairō and be glad agalliaō. 14 If ei you are insulted oneidizō for en the name onoma of Christ Christos, you are blessed makarios, because hoti the ho Spirit of ho glory doxa, that is kai, the ho Spirit pneuma of ho God theos, is resting anapauō on epi you hymeis. 15 But gar not one tis of you hymeis should suffer paschō as hōs a murderer phoneus or ē a thief kleptēs or ē a criminal kakopoios or ē as hōs a meddler in the affairs of another allotriepiskopos; 16 but de if ei someone suffers as hōs a Christian Christianos, he should not be disgraced, but de should glorify doxazō · ho God theos by en · ho this houtos name onoma. 17 Because hoti the ho time kairos has come to begin archō · ho judgment krima with apo the ho house oikos of ho God theos, and de if ei first prōton with apo us hēmeis, what tis will be the ho outcome telos for those ho who do not obey apeitheō the ho gospel euangelion of ho God theos? 18 And kai If ei the ho righteous person dikaios is barely molis saved sōzō, what pou will become phainō of the ho ungodly asebēs and kai the sinner hamartōlos?” 19 So hōste then kai, let paratithēmi those ho who are suffering paschō according to kata the ho will thelēma of ho God theos by en doing good agathopoiia entrust paratithēmi their autos souls psychē to a faithful pistos Creator ktistēs. · ho

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