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In the same way homoiōs, · ho wives gynē should be subject hypotassō to ho their own idios husbands anēr, so that hina even kai if ei some tis of them refuse to believe apeitheō the ho word logos, they may be won kerdainō without aneu a word logos by dia the ho conduct anastrophē of their ho wives gynē when they observe epopteuō with en respect phobos the ho purity hagnos of your hymeis life anastrophē. Do not ou let your hos beauty kosmos be eimi · ho external exōthen—such as braiding emplokē the hair thrix, · kai wearing perithesis gold chrysion jewelry , or ē dressing endysis up in fine clothes himation but alla let it be the ho inner kryptos person anthrōpos of the ho heart kardia, the ho unfading aphthartos beauty of ho a gentle praus and kai tranquil hēsychios spirit pneuma, which hos in the sight enōpion of ho God theos is eimi precious polytelēs. For gar in the same way houtōs, at an earlier time pote, · kai the ho devout hagios women gynē those ho who put their hope elpizō in eis God theos used to adorn kosmeō themselves heautou by being subject hypotassō to ho their own idios husbands anēr, just as hōs Sarah Sarra obeyed hypakouō · ho Abraham Abraam, calling kaleō him autos “my lord kyrios.” You are ginomai her hos daughters teknon if you do what is right agathopoieō and kai do not fear phobeomai any mēdeis intimidation ptoēsis.

· ho Husbands anēr, in the same way homoiōs, live with synoikeō them with kata understanding gnōsis, showing aponemō honor timē to the ho woman gynaikeios as hōs a weaker asthenēs vessel skeuos, since hōs · kai you are joint heirs synklēronomos of the gracious gift charis of life zōē, so that eis your hymeis prayers proseuchē may not be hindered enkoptō. · ho

· ho · de Finally telos, all pas of you, be of one mind homophrōn, sympathetic sympathēs, loving your believing brothers philadelphos, compassionate eusplanchnos, humble tapeinophrōn not returning apodidōmi evil kakos for anti evil kakos or ē insult loidoria for anti insult loidoria, but de on the contrary blessing eulogeō, because hoti for eis this houtos you were called kaleō that hina you might inherit klēronomeō a blessing eulogia. 10 For gar The ho one who desires thelō to love agapaō life zōē and kai to see good agathos days hēmera, let him keep pauō his ho tongue glōssa from apo evil kakos and kai his lips cheilos from speaking laleō deceit dolos. 11 And de let him turn away ekklinō from apo evil kakos and kai do poieō good agathos; let him seek zēteō peace eirēnē and kai pursue diōkō it autos. 12 For hoti the eyes ophthalmos of the Lord kyrios are on epi the righteous dikaios, and kai his autos ears ous are open to eis their autos prayers deēsis; but de the face prosōpon of the Lord kyrios is against epi those who do poieō evil kakos.”

13 And kai who tis is the ho one who will harm kakoō you hymeis if ean you become ginomai zealots zēlōtēs for what ho is good agathos? 14 But alla even kai if ei you should suffer paschō because of dia righteousness dikaiosynē, blessed makarios are you. And de do phobeomai not fear phobeomai · ho their autos threats phobos or mēde be troubled tarassō, 15 but de · ho in en · ho your hymeis hearts kardia set apart hagiazō Christ Christos as Lord kyrios, being ready hetoimos at all times aei to make pros a defense apologia to all pas who ho ask aiteō you hymeis for a word logos concerning peri the ho hope elpis that is in en you hymeis. 16 But alla do it with meta gentleness prautēs and kai respect phobos, maintaining echō a clear agathos conscience syneidēsis, so that hina in en the very thing for which hos you are being slandered katalaleō, those ho who are reviling epēreazō your hymeis · ho good agathos conduct anastrophē in en Christ Christos will be put to shame kataischunō. 17 For gar it is better kreittōn to suffer paschō for doing good agathopoieō, if ei it is thelō · ho God’ s theos will thelēma, · ho than ē for doing evil kakopoieō. 18 Because hoti Christ Christos also kai suffered paschō once hapax for peri our sins hamartia, the righteous dikaios on behalf of hyper the unrighteous adikos, that hina he might lead prosagō you hymeis to ho God theos. He was put to death thanatoō in the flesh sarx but de made alive zōiopoieō in the spirit pneuma, 19 in en which hos also kai he kēryssō went poreuō and proclaimed kēryssō to the ho spirits pneuma in en prison phylakē, 20 who once pote were disobedient apeitheō when hote the ho patience makrothumia of ho God theos waited apekdechomai in en the days hēmera of Noah Nōe while the ark kibōtos was being built kataskeuazō, in eis which hos a few oligos, that houtos is eimi eight oktō souls psychē, were brought safely diasōzō through dia water hydōr. 21 This water prefigures antitypos baptism baptisma, which hos · kai now nyn saves sōzō you hymeis not ou the removal apothesis of dirt rhypos from the body sarx but alla the answer eperōtēma of a good agathos conscience syneidēsis to eis God theos by dia the resurrection anastasis of Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos, 22 who hos is eimi at en the right hand dexios of ho God theos, having gone poreuō into eis heaven ouranos, all angels angelos and kai authorities exousia and kai powers dynamis being made subject hypotassō to him autos.

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