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And Gorgias took five thousand of men, and a thousand chosen horsemen; and they moved (the) tents by night,

for to apply to (or to attack) the tents of (the) Jews, and for to smite them suddenly; and (the) sons that were of the high tower, were (the) leaders of them.

And Judas heard (of this), and he rose (up), and (his) mighty men, for to smite the power of (the) hosts of the king, that was in Emmaus;

for yet the host was scattered from (the) tents.

And Gorgias came into the tents of Judas by night, and found no man; and they sought them in (the) hills, for he said, These flee from us.

And when day was made, Judas appeared in the field with three thousands of men only, which had not coverings and swords.

And they saw the tents of (the) heathen men strong, and (the) men habergeoned, and the multitude of horsemen in compass of them, and these were taught to battle.

And Judas said to his men, that were with him, Dread ye not the multitude of them, and dread ye not inwardly the fierceness of them.

Bethink ye how our fathers were made safe in the Reed Sea (or Remember how our fathers were saved in the Red Sea), when Pharaoh pursued them with much host.

10 And now cry we to heaven, and the Lord shall have mercy on us, and shall be mindful of the testament (or shall remember the covenant) of our fathers, and shall all-break this host before our face today.

11 And (then) all (the) folks shall know, that it is God, that shall again-buy (or who shall redeem), and deliver Israel.

12 And (the) aliens raised (up) their eyes, and saw them coming of (or from) the contrary part, [or even against (them)],

13 and went out of (the) tents into battle. And they that were with Judas, sang in (or with) trump(s).

14 And they went together, and (the) heathen men were all-broken, and fled into the field;

15 forsooth the last fell down by (the) sword. And they pursued them till to Gazara, and till into the fields of Idumea (or of Edom), and Azotus, and Jamnia; and there fell down of them till to three thousands of men.

16 And Judas (re)turned again, and his host (pur)suing him.

17 And he said to the people, Covet ye not (the) preys, for (a) battle is against us (or a battle is before us),

18 and Gorgias and his host be in the hill nigh us; but stand ye now against our enemies, and overcome them, and after these things ye shall take preys securely, [or and after these things ye securely shall take preys], (or and after these things ye shall securely, or shall boldly, take the preys).

19 And yet while Judas spake these things, lo! some part (of them) appeared, beholding forth from the hill. [And yet Judas speaking these things, lo! some part appeared, beholding forth of the hill.]

20 And Gorgias saw, that his helpers were (al)together turned into flight, and (the) tents were burnt; for (the) smoke that was seen, declared that that was done.

21 And when they beheld these things, they dreaded greatly, beholding together both Judas and the host, ready to (or for) battle in the field [or in the field, ready to battle].

22 And they fled all in(to) the field of aliens,

23 and Judas (re)turned again to (the) preys of the tents; and they took much gold, and silver, and jacinth (or hyacinth), and purple of the sea, and great riches.

24 And they converted (or turned and went back), and sung an hymn, or praising, and blessed God into heaven; for he is good, for the mercy of him is into the world (or forevermore).

25 And great health was made in Israel in that day.

26 Forsooth whoever of (the) aliens (had) escaped, came, and told to Lysias all (the) things that befell.

27 And when he heard these things, he was astonied (or astonished) in soul, and failed; for not what manner things he would, such befell in Israel, and what manner things the king commanded.

28 And in the year (pur)suing (or in the following year), Lysias gathered of chosen men sixty thousand, and of horsemen five thousand, for to overcome them.

29 And they came into Judea, and setted tents in Beth-horon (or And they came into Idumea, and set up their tents in Bethsura); and Judas ran to them with ten thousand of men.

30 And they saw (the) strong host, and he prayed, and said, Blessed art thou, (O) Saviour of Israel, that hast all-broken the fierceness of the mighty Goliath in (or by) the hand of thy servant David, and betookest the castles [or tents], or (the) hosts, of (the) aliens into the hands of Jonathan, son of Saul, and of his squire.

31 Close thou (up) (al)together [or Close thou together] also this host in the hand of thy people Israel, and be they confounded in their host, and horsemen.

32 Give thou to them inward dread, and make the hardiness of their virtue to fail, and be they moved (al)together in their breaking (al)together.

33 Cast down them by the sword of men loving thee, and all that know thy name, (al)together praise thee in (or with) hymns. [Cast them down in the sword of men loving thee, and (al)together praise thee all that knew thy name, in hymns.]

34 And they joined together battle, and five thousand of men fell down of the host of Lysias.

35 Lysias forsooth saw the flight of his men, and the hardiness of (the) Jews; and that they were ready either for to live, either for to die strongly. And he went to Antioch, and chose knights, that they multiplied should come again into Judea.

36 Forsooth Judas said to his brethren [or Forsooth Judas said, and his brethren], Lo! our enemies be all-broken; go we up or ascend we now, for to cleanse (the) holy things, and make new (or for to cleanse the Temple, and to make it new again).

37 And all the host was gathered, and they went up into the hill of Zion.

38 And they saw (the) hallowing desert(ed), either forsaken (or And they saw the Temple deserted), and the altar unhallowed, or defouled by idolatry, and the gates burnt, and in the porches tender trees grown, as in (the) wild wood, or (in the) mountains, and (the) little cells destroyed.

39 And they rent their clothes, and wailed with great wailing; and putted ashes on their head(s),

40 and fell on the face of the earth, and cried in (or with) (the) trumps of signs, and cried into heaven.

41 Then Judas ordained (some) men, for to fight against them that were in the high tower, as long as they cleansed holy things (or until he had cleansed the Temple).

42 And he chose priests without wem, (or spot, or blemish), having will in (or desire for, or devotion to) the law of God;

43 and they cleansed (the) holy things (or and they cleansed the Temple), and took away (the) stones of defouling into an unclean place.

44 And he thought on (or about) the altar of burnt sacrifices, that was unhallowed, (and) what he should do thereof.

45 And a good counsel fell into him, for to destroy it, lest it were to them into shame (or reproof), for (the) heathen men (had) defouled it.

46 And (so) they destroyed it, and kept [or putted] (the) stones in the hill of the house, in (a) covenable (or a suitable) place, till that a prophet came, and answered [or should answer] of (or for) them, (or told what should be done about them).

47 And they took whole stones, by the law, and builded a new altar, like that that was (there) before. [And they took whole stones, after the law, and builded a new altar, after that that was before.]

48 And they builded (the) holy things (or And they rebuilt the Temple), and the things that were within the house withinforth; and they hallowed the house, and the porches.

49 And they made new holy vessels, and brought in a candlestick, and (the) altar of incenses, and a board (or a table) into the temple.

50 And putted incense on the altar, and tended (the) lanterns, that were on the candlestick, and gave light in the temple.

51 And they putted loaves on the board, (or on the table), and hanged veils, and ended all (the) works that they (had) made.

52 And before morrowtide they rose (up), in the five and twentieth day of the ninth month, this is the month Kislev, that is, November-December, of the hundred and eight and fortieth year.

53 And they offered sacrifice by [or after] the law, on the new altar of burnt sacrifices, which they made by [or after] (a) time.

54 And by, (or on) the day in which (the) heathen men (had) defouled it, in that, (or on that day), it was made new, in (or with) songs, and harps, and citherns, that be instruments of music, either gitterns, and cymbals.

55 And all the people fell on their face(s), and worshipped God, and blessed into heaven him that made prosperity to (or for) them.

56 And (so) they made (the) hallowing of the altar in (or for) eight days, and offered burnt sacrifices with gladness, and helpful things of praising.

57 And they adorned the face of the temple with golden crowns, and small shields; and hallowed (the) gates, and (the) little houses, either (the) small cells, and putted (on)to them gates (or doors).

58 And full great gladness was made in the people, and the shame (or the reproof) of (the) heathen men was turned away.

59 And Judas ordained, and his brethren, and all the church (or all the congregation) of Israel, that the day of hallowing of the altar be done in his (or its) times, from year into year, by eight days, from the five and twentieth day of the month Kislev, that is, December, with gladness and joy.

60 And they builded in that time the hill of Zion, and by compass high walls, and firm towers, lest any time (the) heathen men would come, and defoul it, as they did before.

61 And he set there an host [or a company], for to keep it; and he warded it, for to keep Bethsura, (so) that the people should have strengthening [or warding] against the face of Idumea (or of Edom).