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15 And king Antiochus, the son of Demetrius, sent epistles from (the) isles of the sea to Simon, the priest, and prince of the folk of (the) Jews, and to all the folk;

and those were containing this manner (and they contained these contents). King Antiochus to Simon, (the) great priest, and to the folk of (the) Jews, health.

For (as) some men bearing pestilence wielded the realm of our fathers, forsooth I will challenge the realm, and restore it, as it was before; I made a chosen multitude of host, and I made ships of war [or I made the chosen multitude of host, and made ships of war].

Forsooth I will go forth by countries (or through the country), (so) that I do vengeance on them that destroyed our country, and that made many cities desolate in my realm.

Now therefore I ordain, either confirm, to thee all (the) offerings, that (the) kings before me forgave to thee, and whatever other gifts they forgave to thee;

and I suffer (or I allow) thee for to make print, or smiting, of thine own money, in thy region, or (in thy) country.

Soothly I suffer Jerusalem for to be holy and free (or And I allow Jerusalem and the Temple to be free), and all armours, (or all arms, or weapons) that be made, and strengths (or strongholds), that thou hast made out, and that thou holdest, dwell to thee (or to remain with thee);

and all debt of (or owing to) the king, and those that be to coming of (the) king’s things, from this time and into all-time be forgiven to thee [or from this into all-time be forgiven to thee].

Soothly when we shall wield our realm, we shall glorify thee, and thy folk, and (thy) temple, with great glory, so that your glory be showed in all (the) earth.

10 In the hundred year and four and seventieth year (or In the hundred and four and seventieth year) Antiochus went out into the land of his fathers, and all (the) hosts came together to him, so that few were left with Tryphon.

11 And king Antiochus pursued him, and Tryphon came into Dora, and fled [or fleeing] by the sea coast;

12 for he knew, that evils were gathered on him, and (that) the host forsook him.

13 And Antiochus applied on Dora (or encamped at Dora), with sixscore thousand [or with an hundred and twenty thousand] of fighting men, and eight thousand of horsemen;

14 and he compassed the city, and ships came from the sea; and they travailed the city by land and (by) sea, and suffered (or allowed) no man for to enter, either [or] go out.

15 Forsooth Numenius came, and they that were with him, from Rome, and had epistles written to (the) kings and countries [or having epistles written to kings and countries], in which these things were contained.

16 Lucius, consul, or chief governor, of (the) Romans, to king Ptolemy, health.

17 (The) Legates, either messengers, of (the) Jews came to us, our friends, renewing the former friendship and fellowship, sent of Simon, (the) prince of priests, and (the) people of (the) Jews. (The ambassadors of the Jews, who be our friends, came to us to renew the former friendship and fellowship, sent from Simon, the high priest, and from the people of the Jews.)

18 Soothly they brought also a golden shield of a thousand bezants.

19 Therefore [or And so] it pleased to us for to write to (the) kings and countries, that they do not (do) evils to them, neither impugn (or fight against) them, and their cities, and their countries, and that they bear not help to men fighting against them.

20 Forsooth it is seen to us, for to receive of (or from) them the shield.

21 Therefore if any men of pestilence shall flee from the country of them to you, betake ye them to Simon, (the) prince of priests, (so) that he do vengeance on them by [or after] his law.

22 These same things be written to king Demetrius, and Attalus, and Ariarathes, and Arsaces,

23 and into all (the) countries, and (to) Sampsames, and (the) Spartans (or the Lacedaemonians), and Delus, and Myndus, and Sicyon, and Caria, and Samos, and Pamphylia, and Lycia, and Halicarnassus, and Rhodes, and Aradus (or Phaselis), and Cos, and Side, and Aradus, and Gortyna, and Cnidus, and Cyprus, and Cyrene.

24 Forsooth they have written (an) ensample (or a copy) of these to Simon, (the) prince of priests, and to the people of (the) Jews. [Forsooth (the) ensample of these they have written to Simon, prince of priests, and to the people of Jews.]

25 Forsooth Antiochus, the king, applied tents in Dora (or pitched his tents at Dora) the second time, moving to it evermore hands, and making engines; and he closed (up) (al)together Tryphon, lest he went out.

26 And Simon sent to him two thousand of chosen men, into help, and silver, and gold, and plenteous vessels;

27 and he would not take those. But he brake all things that he covenanted with him before, and aliened (or alienated) himself from him.

28 And he sent to him Athenobius, one of his friends, for to treat with him, and said, Ye hold Joppa, and Gazara, and the high tower that is in Jerusalem, cities of my realm;

29 ye have wasted the coasts of them, and have done great destroying in the land, and without (or throughout) the coasts of Judea ye be lords by many places in my realm. [the coasts of them ye have wasted, and have done a great vengeance in the land, and ye lordship by many places in my realm.]

30 Now therefore give ye the cities, which ye occupied, and (the) tributes of places, of which ye be lords [or which ye lordship], out of (the) ends of Judea.

31 Either [Or] else give ye for them five hundred talents of silver, and of (or for) (the) destroying that ye have destroyed, and of (or for) (the) tributes of (the) cities, (an)other five hundred talents; either [or] else we shall come, and overcome you.

32 And Athenobius, (the) friend of the king, came into Jerusalem, and saw the glory of Simon, and clearness, in gold, and silver, and plenteous apparel, and was astonied (or astonished); and [he] told to him the words of the king.

33 And Simon answered, and said to him, Neither we took alien land, neither withheld other men’s things, but (this is the) heritage of our fathers, that was wielded sometime unjustly of (or by) our enemies.

34 Soothly we have time, and challenge the heritage of our fathers. [Soothly we, having time, challenge the heritage of our fathers.]

35 For why of Joppa and Gazara that thou askest (for), they did great vengeance in (or to) our people, and [in our] country; of these we give an hundred talents (or we shall give thee an hundred talents for them). And Athenobius answered not a word.

36 Soothly he (re)turned again with wrath to the king, and told again to him these words, and the glory of Simon, and all (the) things that he saw. And the king was wroth with great wrath.

37 Forsooth Tryphon flew (or fled) by ship into Orthosia.

38 And the king ordained Cendebeus, duke of the sea coast, and gave to him (an) host of footmen and horsemen;

39 and commanded him for to move (his) tents against (or towards) the face of Judah; and commanded him for to (re)build Kedron, and (to) stop (or to strengthen) the gates of the city, and overcome the people; forsooth the king (himself) pursued Tryphon.

40 And Cendebeus came to Jamnia, and began for to stir the people to wrath, and for to defoul Judea, and make the people captive, and slay (them),

41 and (to) (re)build Kedron. And he setted there horsemen and (a) host, (so) that they should go out, and should walk by (the) way(s) of Judea, as the king ordained to him.