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13 And as Simon heard, that Tryphon (had) gathered a great host, for to come into the land of Judea, and for to destroy it,

and saw that the people was in trembling and dread, he went up to Jerusalem, and gathered the people;

and admonished, and said, Ye know, how great things I, and my brethren, and the house of my father, have done, for (the) laws, and for (the) holy things (or and for the Temple), (the) battles, and what manner anguishes we saw.

For love, [or For grace, or cause], of these things all my brethren perished for Israel, and I alone am left.

And now befall it not to me, for to spare my (own) life, [or my soul], in all the time of tribulation; for I am no better than my brethren.

Therefore I shall (a)venge my folk, and holy things (or and the Temple), and our children, and (our) wives; for all (the) heathen men be gathered, for to destroy us, because of enmity.

And the spirit of the people was kindled together, as it (or as they) heard these words.

And they answered with (a) great (or with a loud) voice, saying, Thou art our duke instead of Judas, and Jonathan, thy brother(s);

fight thou our battle(s), and all things whatever thou shalt say to us, we shall do.

10 And he gathered all (the) men fighters, and hast(en)ed for to end (or to finish) all the walls of Jerusalem, and [he] strengthened it in compass.

11 And he sent Jonathan, the son of Absalom, and with him a new host, into Joppa. And when he had put out [or cast out] these men that were in it, he dwelt there.

12 And Tryphon moved from Ptolemais, with much host, for to come into the land of Judea, and Jonathan (was) with him in keeping (or as his prisoner).

13 Forsooth Simon applied in Adida (or But Simon encamped at Adida), (over) against the face of the field.

14 And as Tryphon knew, that Simon rose (up), in the stead of his brother Jonathan [or instead of his brother Jonathan], and that he was to joining battle with him, he sent to him legates (or messengers), and said, [or saying],

15 For (the) silver, that thy brother Jonathan ought (or owed), in (the) accounts of the king, (is the reason that) we (have) withheld him.

16 And now send thou an hundred talents of silver, and his two sons (as) pledges (or as hostages), (so) that he not dismissed (or released) flee from us, and we shall again-send him (or we shall let him go).

17 And Simon knew, that with guile he spake with him. Nevertheless he commanded the silver for to be given, and (the) children, lest he should take (or get) great enmity of (or from) the people of Israel,

18 saying, For he sent not to him (the) silver and (the) children, therefore he (Jonathan) perished.

19 And he sent the children, and an hundred talents. And he lied, and dismissed not Jonathan (or But Tryphon lied, and would not let Jonathan go).

20 And after these things, Tryphon came within the country, for to destroy it. And they compassed by the way that leadeth to Adora; and Simon and his host walked into each place, whither ever they went.

21 Soothly they that were in the high tower, sent legates, or messengers, to Tryphon, for to hasten (himself) to come by (the) desert, and send to them foods.

22 And Tryphon made ready all the multitude of horsemen, for to come in that night. Soothly there was full much snow, and (so) he came not (there, but instead went) into Gilead. [And Tryphon made ready all the riding, for to come in that night; soothly there was full much snow, and he came not into Gilead.]

23 And when he nighed to (or approached) Bascama, he slew Jonathan, and his sons, there.

24 And (then) Tryphon (re)turned, and went into his land.

25 And Simon sent, and took the bones of Jonathan, his brother, and buried those in Modin, the city of his fathers.

26 And all Israel bewailed him with great wailing, and they bemourned him [or and they mourned him] (for) many days.

27 And Simon builded on the sepulchre of his father and his brethren an high building in (or to) the sight, with stone(s) polished, or fair dighted, (or hewn), behind and before. [And Simon builded on the sepulchre of his father and his brethren an high building, with stone polished behind and before.]

28 And he ordained seven small buildings, broad beneath and sharp above, one against one, to (or for) (his) father, and (his) mother, and (his) four brethren.

29 And to these he putted about great pillars, and on the pillars (their) armours, to (or for) everlasting mind; and beside (the) armours ships graven (or carved), [or and beside (the) armours graven ships], which should be seen of (or by) men sailing in (or on) the sea.

30 This is the sepulchre that Simon made in Modin, (and it standeth there) till into this day.

31 Forsooth when Tryphon made way with Antiochus, the young king, in guile he slew him,

32 and reigned in his stead; and [he] putted on him(self) the diadem of Asia, and made great vengeance in the land.

33 And Simon builded (the) strengths of Judea (or And Simon built up the strongholds of Judea), and warded them with high towers, and great walls, and gates, and locks; and putted foods in (the) strengthenings (or put food in those strongholds).

34 And Simon chose men, and sent to King Demetrius, (so) that he should make remission (or give forgiveness) to the country, for all (the) deeds of Tryphon were done by ravishing.

35 And king Demetrius answered to him to (or with) these words, and wrote such an epistle. [And to these words king Demetrius answered to him, and wrote such an epistle.]

36 King Demetrius to Simon, (the) highest priest, and friend of kings, and to the elder men, and folk of (the) Jews, health.

37 We received the golden crown, and (the) baheu, that is, an ornament of (or for) the neck, made with gold rings, which ye sent [or The golden crown, and baheu, which ye sent, we received], and be ready for to make with you great peace, and for to write to (the) provosts of the king, for to release to you what things we forgave;

38 for whatever things we ordain to you, be stable. The strengths that ye builded, be to you (or The strongholds that ye have built, be yours);

39 and we forgive ignorances and sins, till into this day, and the crown that ye ought (or also the crown tax that ye owe us); and if any other thing was tributary, either bound to tribute, in Jerusalem, now be it not tributary.

40 And if any of you be able for to be written together among our men, be they written together, and peace be betwixt us.

41 In the hundred year and seventieth, the yoke of (the) heathen men was taken away from Israel.

42 And the people began to write in tables (or on tablets), and common [or open] doings, in the first year under Simon, (the) highest priest, (the) great duke, and prince of (the) Jews.

43 In those days Simon applied to Gazara (or encamped at Gazara), and environed it with tents, either men of armours, [or men of arms], (or with armed men), and made engines, and applied to the city (and set them close to the city), and smote one tower [or and smote a tower], and took it.

44 And they that brake out, were within the engine in the city (or And they that were within the engine, brake out into the city), and (then a) great stirring was made in the city.

45 And they went up, that were in the city, with their wives, and sons, on the wall(s), with their coats cut, (or rent, or torn), and cried with (a) great (or with a loud) voice, asking of Simon that right hands be given to them,

46 and said, Yield thou not to us by our malices, but by thy mercies, and we shall serve to thee. [and said, Yield thou not to us after our malices, but after thy mercies, and we shall serve to thee.]

47 And Simon was bowed, either folded, and fought not against them; nevertheless he casted them out of the city, and cleansed fully the houses in which were simulacra (or idols), and then he entered into it with hymns, and blessed the Lord. [And Simon was bowed, or folded, fought not against them, or overcame not them; nevertheless he casted them out of the city, and cleansed out the houses in which were simulacra, and then he entered into it with hymns, blessing the Lord.]

48 And when all uncleanness was cast out thereof, he setted therein men, that should do the law; and he strengthened it, and made an habitation to (or for) him(self). [And all uncleanness cast out thereof, he set therein men, that should do the law; and he strengthened it, and made to (or for) him(self) (an) habitation.]

49 Forsooth they that were in the high tower of Jerusalem, were forbidden for to go out and go in, into the country, and buy, and sell; and they hungered greatly, and many of them perished for hunger.

50 And they cried to Simon, for to take right hands, and he gave (it) to them; and he casted out them from thence, and cleansed the high tower from defoulings (or defilings).

51 And they entered into it in the three and twentieth day of the second month, in the hundred and one and seventy year, with praising, and branches of palms, and instruments of music, either gitterns, (or citherns), and cymbals, and harps, [or psalteries], and hymns, and songs, for the great enemy of Israel was all-broken.

52 And he ordained, that in all years these days should be done with gladness. And he strengthened the hill of the temple, that was beside the high tower, and dwelt there, he, and they that were with him.

53 And Simon saw John, his son, that he was a man of battle, and he putted him duke of all virtues, that is, warriors, (or of all the hosts), and he dwelt in Gazara.