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12 And Jonathan saw that the time helped him; and he chose men, and sent them to Rome, for to ordain and renew friendship with them.

And to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians), and to other places, he sent epistles by [or after] the same form.

And they went to Rome, and entered into the court, and said, Jonathan, (the) highest priest, and the folk of (the) Jews, sent us, for to renew friendship and fellowship, by, [or after], (or as in) the former (times).

And they gave to them epistles to them by places, (so) that they should lead forth them [or that they should lead them forth] into the land of Judea with peace.

And this is the ensample of (the) epistles, which Jonathan wrote to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians).

Jonathan, (the) highest priest, and the elder men of the folk, and (the) priests, and (the) other people of (the) Jews, to (the) Spartans (or to the Lacedaemonians), brethren, health.

Now before epistles were sent to Onias, (the) highest priest, from Darius, that reigned with you; for ye be our brethren, as the rescript, [or (the) writing], containeth, that is under-put.

And Onias received the man, that was sent, with honour [or And Onias received the man with honour, that was sent], and took (the) epistles (and received the letters), in which was signified of (the) fellowship and friendship.

When we had no need of these, and had in comfort [or having in solace] (the) holy books that be in our hands, we had rather for to send to you,

10 for to renew brotherhood and friendship, lest peradventure we be made aliens from you (or be made strangers to you); for why many times passed, since ye sent to us.

11 We therefore in all time without ceasing, in solemn days, and others, in which it behooveth, be mindful of you in (the) sacrifices that we offer, and in observances, as leaveful is (or as it is lawful), and beseemeth, for to have had mind of (our) brethren.

12 Therefore we be glad of your glory.

13 Forsooth many tribulations and many battles environed us; and kings, that be in our compass, fought against us.

14 Therefore we would not be grievous to you, neither to other fellows, and our friends, in these battles.

15 For we had help of (or from) heaven, and be delivered, and our enemies be made low.

16 Therefore we have chosen Numenius, the son of Antiochus, and Antipater, son of Jason, and sent (them) to (the) Romans, for to renew with them both friendship and former fellowship.

17 Therefore we commanded to them, that they come also to you, and greet you, and yield to you our epistles of (the) renewing of our brotherhood.

18 And now ye shall do well, answering to us to [or of] these things.

19 And this is the rescript, or (the) again-writing, of (the) epistles, that Oniares (or that Arius), the king of (the) Spartans, sent. (And this is the copy of the letter that Arius sent to Onias.)

20 Oniares (or Arius) to Jonathan, great priest, health. (Arius king of the Spartans, or of the Lacedaemonians, to Onias, the great priest, greetings.)

21 It is found in (the) writing of (the) Spartans (or of the Lacedaemonians), and of (the) Jews, that they be brethren, and that they be of the kin of Abraham.

22 And now since we know these things, ye do well, writing to us of your peace.

23 But and we have again-written to you [or But and we again-write to you]. Our beasts and our possessions be yours, and yours ours. Therefore we command (our legates), for to tell these things to you.

24 And (then) Jonathan heard, that the princes of Demetrius went out with much host, over that (than) before, for to fight against him.

25 And he went out from Jerusalem, and ran against them (or met them) in the country of Hamath; for he gave no space to them, for to enter into his country.

26 And he sent espies into (or unto) the tents of them, and they (re)turned again, and told (him), that they ordained for to come over thither in (the) night.

27 And when the sun had gone down, Jonathan bade his men (to) wake (or to watch), and be ready in armours, (or with arms, or weapons) to battle all (the) night. And he setted keepers by compass of (the) tents (or about the host);

28 and (the) adversaries heard, that Jonathan was ready with his men in battle, and they dreaded, and inwardly were aghast in their heart(s), and tended fires in their tents (or in their camp), as if they dwelled still in their tents, but they fled privily (away).

29 Forsooth Jonathan, and they that were with him, knew not till to the morrow; for they saw (the) lights burning.

30 And Jonathan (pur)sued them, and caught not them, [or and caught them not], (or but could not catch them); for they passed (over) the flood Eleutherus.

31 And Jonathan turned to (the) Arabians, that were called Zabadeans; and smote them, and took spoils of (or from) them;

32 and [he] joined in gathering together his host, and came to Damascus, and walked by (or through) all that country.

33 Forsooth Simon went out, and came till to Ascalon, and to the next strengths (or to the next strongholds); and he bowed down into Joppa, and occupied it.

34 For he heard, that they would give (the) help (or the stronghold) to (the) parties (or to the supporters) of Demetrius; and he putted there keepers, for to keep it.

35 And Jonathan (re)turned again, and called together the elder men of the people, and thought with them for to build strengths (or strongholds) in Judea,

36 and for to build walls in Jerusalem, and for to raise a great height (or a mound), betwixt the middle of the high tower and the city, for to part (or to separate) it from the city, (so) that it were alone, and neither they buy, neither sell [or nor sell], (in it).

37 And they came together, for to build (up) the city. And the wall fell down (al)together (or And the wall had completely fallen down), that was on the stream, from the rising of the sun; and he repaired it, that is called Caphenatha.

38 And Simon builded Adida in Sephela, and strengthened it, and putted on gates and locks.

39 And when Tryphon thought for to reign at (or in) Asia, and take a diadem, and stretch out (his) hand into (or upon) Antiochus (the) king [or into (or upon) king Antiochus],

40 he dreaded, lest peradventure Jonathan should not suffer (or allow) him, but fight against him; and he sought for to catch him, and slay (him). And he rose up, and went into Bethshan.

41 And Jonathan went out against him (or to meet him), with forty thousand of chosen men into battle, and came to Bethshan.

42 And Tryphon saw, that Jonathan came with (a) much host, for to stretch out hands into (or against) him.

43 And (so) he dreaded, and (or but) received him with honour, and commended him to all his friends; and gave to him gifts, and commanded to his hosts, for to obey to him as to himself.

44 And he said to Jonathan, Whereto (or Why) hast thou travailed all the people, when battle is not to us?

45 And now send again them into their (own) houses [or And now send them again into their houses]. But choose thou to thee (or for thyself) a few men, that be with thee, and come thou with me to Ptolemais, and I shall give it to thee, and other strengths, and host(s) (or other strongholds, and armies), and all sovereigns of offices [or and all provosts, or sovereigns, of need]; and I shall (re)turn, and I shall go away. For why therefore I came.

46 And he believed to him, and did as he said, and left the host (or And Jonathan believed Tryphon, and did as he said, and let go, or sent away, his army); and they went away into the land of Judea.

47 Forsooth he withheld with him(self) three thousand of men, of which he sent again into Galilee two thousand; soothly a thousand came with him.

48 Forsooth as Jonathan entered into Ptolemais, (the) men of Ptolemais shutted the gates, and caught (hold of) him; and slew by (the) sword, all that entered with him. [Forsooth as Jonathan entered into Ptolemais, men of Ptolemais shut the gates and caught him; and all that entered with him they slew with sword.]

49 And Tryphon sent (an) host, and horsemen into Galilee, and into the great field, for to lose (or to destroy) all the fellows of Jonathan.

50 And when they knew that Jonathan was taken, and (had) perished, and all that were with him, they admonished themselves, and went out ready into battle.

51 And they saw that pursued, that thing was to them for the life, and turned (back) again. (And so they that pursued them, saw that they were ready to fight for their lives, and turned back again.) [And they seeing, that pursued, for for the soul, or life, the thing is to them, turned (back) again.]

52 Forsooth they came all with peace into the land of Judea. And they bewailed Jonathan greatly, and all that were with him, and Israel mourned with great mourning.

53 And all (the) heathen men that were in the compass of them, sought for to all-break them; for they said, They have no prince and helper [or They have no prince and helping]; now therefore overcome we them, and take away from men the mind (or the memory) of them.