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10 And in the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander, the son of Antiochus, went up, that is named noble (or who was surnamed Epiphanes), and occupied Ptolemais; and they received him, and he reigned there. [And in the hundred and sixtieth year Alexander, son of Antiochus, that is named noble, went up, and occupied Ptolemais; and they received him, and he reigned there.]

And king Demetrius heard, and gathered an host full copious, and went out against him into battle.

And Demetrius sent [an] epistle to Jonathan with peaceable words, for to magnify him.

For he said, Before take we for to make peace with him, before that he make (an accord) with Alexander against us;

for he shall have mind of or on all (the) evils, that we have done against him, and against his brother(s), and against his folk.

And he gave to him [or And he gave him] power to gather (an) host, and for to make armours, (or arms, or weapons), and him for to be his fellow. And he commanded (that the) hostages, either (the) pledges, that were in the high tower, for to be given to him.

And Jonathan came into Jerusalem, and read (the) epistles (or read the letter), in (the) hearing of all the people, and of them that were in the high tower.

And they dreaded with great dread, for they heard, that the king gave him power to gather an host.

And (the) hostages were betaken to Jonathan, and he yielded them to their fathers and mothers.

10 And Jonathan dwelt in Jerusalem, and began for to build and renew the city.

11 And he said to men doing (the) works, that they should make up the walls, and the hill of Zion in compass, with square stones to (or for) strengthening; and they did so.

12 And (the) aliens fled, that were in the strengths (or in the strongholds), which Bacchides had builded;

13 and each man left his place, and went into his (own) land.

14 Only in Bethsura dwelt some of them, that forsook the law and the behests (or the commandments) of God; for why this was to (or for) them the (place of) refuge.

15 And Alexander the king heard (the) promises [or And king Alexander heard the promises], that Demetrius (had) promised to Jonathan, and they told to him (of) the battles and virtues which he did, and his brethren, and the travails which they travailed (or had endured).

16 And he said, Whether we shall find any such man? And now make we him our friend and fellow.

17 And he wrote (an) epistle, and sent (it to him), by [or after] these words, saying,

18 King Alexander to Jonathan, brother, health.

19 We have heard of thee, that thou art a mighty man in strengths, and art able that thou be our friend.

20 And now we ordain thee today (to be the) highest priest of thy folk, and that thou be called (the) friend of the king. And he sent to him purple, and a golden crown, that thou feel with us what things be ours, and keep friendships to (or with) us.

21 And Jonathan clothed him(self) with an holy stole [or with the holy stole], in the seventh month, in the hundred and sixtieth year, in the solemn day of Scenopegia (or of Cenophe). And he gathered an host, and made copious or plenteous armours. (And so in the seventh month of the hundred and sixtieth year, Jonathan clothed himself with the holy stole, at the Feast of Tabernacles. And he gathered an army, and prepared many arms, or weapons.)

22 And Demetrius heard these words, and was made full sorrowful, and said,

23 What have we done this thing, that Alexander before-occupied us, for to catch (the) friendship of (or with) (the) Jews, to his (own) strengthening?

24 And I shall write to him praying words, and (promise him) dignities, and gifts, (so) that he be with me in help.

25 And (so) he wrote to him by these words, King Demetrius to the folk of (the) Jews, health.

26 For ye kept to us covenant, and dwelt in our friendship, and went not to our enemies, we heard, and joyed.

27 And now last ye yet for to keep to us faith; and we shall (re)quite to you good things, for these things that ye did to (or for) us,

28 and we shall forgive to you many [givings of] rents, and we shall give gifts to you.

29 And now I assoil (or I absolve) you, and all (the) Jews, of tributes, and I forgive to you the prices of salt, and forgive crowns (or crown taxes),

30 and the third part of (the) seed; and I leave to you from this day and afterward, the half part of (the) fruit of the tree(s), that is of my portion, (so) that it be not taken of (or from) the land of Judea, and of (or from) (the) three cities that be added thereto, of Samaria and Galilee, from this day and into all time. [and the thirds of seed; and the half part of fruit of tree, that is of my portion, I leave to you from this day, and withinforth, that it be not taken of the land of Judea, and of three cities that be added thereto, of Samaria and Galilee, from this day into all time.]

31 And (let) Jerusalem be holy, and free, with his (or its) coasts; and tithes and tributes be of it.

32 Also I forgive the power of the high tower, that is in Jerusalem; and I give it to the high priest, or to the highest priest, that he ordain therein men, whichever he shall choose [or whomever he shall choose], that shall keep it.

33 And each person of (the) Jews, that is captive (out) of the land of Judea, in all my realm, I deliver free willfully, or without money, (so) that all be assoiled, (or absolved, or relieved) of their tributes, yea, (even) of (or for) their beasts.

34 And all solemn days, and sabbaths, and new moons, and all days ordained, and three days before the solemn day, and three days after the solemn day, all these be days of immunity, or franchise [or be all days of immunity, or franchise], and of remission, to all (the) Jews that be in my realm.

35 And no man shall have power for to do anything, and move needs, or causes, against any of them in (or for) any cause.

36 And that there be written (in) of (the) Jews in the king’s host, (up) to thirty thousands of men; and plenties shall be given to them, as it behooveth to all (the) hosts of the king.

37 And of them shall be ordained, that be in the great strengths (or in the great strongholds) of the king; of them shall be ordained over (the) needs of the realm, that be done of (or in) faith, and (their) princes (or their overseers) be of them; and walk they in their laws, as the king commanded in the land of Judea.

38 And (the) three cities, that be added to Judea of (or from) the country of Samaria, be areckoned, or deemed, with Judea; (so) that they be under one, and obey not to (any) other power, no but to the highest priest;

39 (As for) Ptolemais, and the coasts thereof, which I have given (as) a gift to (the) holy men that be in Jerusalem, to needful costs of saints. (As for Ptolemais, and the land thereof, I give it as a gift to the Temple that is in Jerusalem, for the necessary expenses of the Temple.)

40 And I shall give in each year fifteen thousand of shekels of silver, (out) of the king’s reasons (or accounts), that pertain to me;

41 and all that is residue, which they that were over (the) needs yielded not in former years, from this time (forth) they shall give into the works of the house.

42 And over this, five thousand shekels of silver, which they took of reason of holy things by each year (or which they took out of the accounts of the Temple by each year); and these things shall pertain to (the) priests, that use [or that be set in] ministry.

43 And whoever shall flee to the temple that is in Jerusalem, and in all (the) coasts thereof, and be guilty to the king, in (or for) any cause, be dismissed, or released; and have they free all things, that be to them in my realm.

44 And to build, or restore, works of holy things, costs, or expenses, shall be given of the king’s reason, or rent, (or And to build, or to restore, the works of the Temple, costs, or expenses, shall be given out of the king’s accounts,)

45 and for to build out the walls of Jerusalem; and for to make (them) strong in compass, expenses shall be given (out) of the king’s reason, or rent (or expenses shall be given out of the king’s accounts), (and) for to make out (the) walls in Judea.

46 As Jonathan and the people heard these words, they believed not to them, neither received them; for they had (in) mind of the great malice that he had done in Israel, and (that he) had troubled them greatly.

47 And it pleased (al)together to them in Alexander (or But they were altogether pleased with Alexander), for he was to them (the) prince of words of peace(-making), and to him they bare help in all days.

48 And king Alexander gathered a great host, and moved (his) tents against Demetrius.

49 And the kings joined battle, and the host of Demetrius fled; and Alexander pursued him, and lay on them;

50 and the battle was full strong, till the sun went down, and Demetrius fell in that day.

51 And Alexander sent to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, legates by these words (or ambassadors with these words), and said, [or saying],

52 For I came again into my realm [or For I am gone again into my realm], and sat in the seat of my fathers; and I have wielded princehood, and I have all-broken Demetrius, and have wielded our country;

53 and I have joined fight with him, and he and his hosts be all-fouled [or is broken (al)together] of (or by) us, and we sat in the seat of his realm.

54 And now ordain we together friendship, and give thy daughter (as) a wife to me [or and give to me thy daughter (as) wife], and I shall be thy daughter(’s) husband; and I shall give to thee gifts, and to her dignity.

55 And king Ptolemy answered, saying, Blessed be the day in which thou (re)turnedest again to the land of thy fathers, and hast sat in the seat (or on the throne) of the realm of them.

56 And now I shall do to thee which things thou hast written; but come thou against me to Ptolemais (or but come thou and meet me in Ptolemais), (so) that we see us together (or each other), and I promise to thee, as thou saidest.

57 And Ptolemy went out of Egypt, he and Cleopatra, his daughter; and he came to Ptolemais, in the hundred and two and sixtieth year.

58 And Alexander, the king, came to him [or And king Alexander came to him]; and he gave to him Cleopatra, his daughter, and made his weddings at Ptolemais, as kings in great glory (do).

59 And king Alexander wrote to Jonathan, that he should come against him (or that he should come to meet him).

60 And he went with glory to Ptolemais, and met there (the) two kings, and gave to them much silver, and gold, and gifts; and found grace in the sight of them.

61 And men of Israel, full of venom, came together against him, wicked men, asking against him, and (or but) the king took no attention to them;

62 and commanded Jonathan for to be made naked of his clothes, and him for to be clothed in purple; and they did so.

63 And the king setted him for to sit with him, and said to his princes, Go ye out with him into the middle of the city, and preach ye, that no man ask against him of (or about) any need, or cause, neither any man be heavy to him of (or for) any reason.

64 And it was done, as they that asked, [or appealed (against) him], (or And it was done, when they that had accused him), saw his glory that was preached, and him covered with purple, (they) all fled (away).

65 And the king magnified him, and wrote him among the first friends, and putted him (a) duke, and partner, or fellow, of (his) princehood.

66 And Jonathan (re)turned again into Jerusalem, with peace and gladness.

67 In the hundred year and five and sixtieth, Demetrius, the son of Demetrius, came from Crete into the land of his fathers.

68 And king Alexander heard, and was made full sorrowful, and (re)turned again to Antioch.

69 And Demetrius ordained Apollonius duke, that was sovereign of Celosyria (or who was the governor of Greater Syria); and he gathered his great host, and came to Jamnia; and sent to Jonathan, the highest priest, and said, [or saying],

70 Thou alone against-standest us; I am made into scorn and shame (or reproof) therefore, for thou hauntest power in (the) hills against us.

71 Now therefore if thou trustest in thy virtues (or in thine own strength), come down to us into the field; and there assemble we together [or and there comparison we together], for with me is (the) virtue (or the power) of battles.

72 Ask thou, and learn who I am, and others that be in help to me, and which say, that your foot may not stand against our face, for thy fathers were converted into flight twice into (or in) their (own) land.

73 And now how shalt thou be able to sustain (the) multitude of horsemen, and so great (a) host in the field, where is no stone, nor rock, neither place of fleeing?

74 Soothly as Jonathan heard these words of Apollonius, he was moved in (his) heart; and he chose ten thousand men, and went out from Jerusalem, and Simon, his brother, came to him into help.

75 And they applied (or pitched) (their) tents in Joppa, and it, that is, the people of Joppa, shutted out him [or shut him out] from the city, for Joppa was the keeping of Apollonius;

76 and he fought against it, that is, Jonathan fought against Joppa. And they were aghast, that were within the city, and opened to him; and (so) Jonathan wielded Joppa.

77 And Apollonius heard, and moved three thousand of horsemen, and much host; and went to Azotus, as making (the) way. And anon (or at once) he went out into the field, for that he had (a) multitude of horsemen, and he trusted in them;

78 and Jonathan (pur)sued him into Azotus, and they joined battle.

79 And Apollonius left in (the) tents (or left of his host) a thousand horsemen behind them privily.

80 And Jonathan knew that ambushments were behind him, and they environed his tents (or his host), and casted darts into the people, from the morrow till to eventide [or from morrow unto even(ing)].

81 Forsooth the people stood, as Jonathan commanded, and the horses of them travailed out.

82 And Simon led out his host, and joined (battle) against the legion; forsooth (the) horsemen were made weary, and were all-broken of (or by) him, and fled.

83 And they that were scattered in the field, fled into Azotus; and entered into the house of Dagon [or and they entered into Bethdagon], their idol, (so) that there they should deliver themselves.

84 And Jonathan burnt Azotus, and (the) cities that were in compass thereof, and took (the) spoils of them; and he burnt in (or with) fire the temple of Dagon, and them that (had) fled into it.

85 And there were that fell by (the) sword with them that were burnt, almost eight thousand men.

86 And from thence Jonathan moved (his) tents, and applied them to Ascalon; and they went out of the city against him in great glory. (And from thence Jonathan moved his host, and encamped near Ascalon; and they came out of the city to meet him with great glory.)

87 And Jonathan (re)turned again to Jerusalem with his men, having many spoils.

88 And it was done, as king Alexander heard these words, he putted to yet for to glorify Jonathan.

89 And he sent to him a golden lace, either (an) ouch, (or a clasp, or a buckle), as custom is (or as it is customary) to be given to (the) cousins of kings; and he gave to him Accaron, and all (the) coasts thereof in possession.