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Then Sisinnes, the under-little-king of Celosyria and Phenice (or the governor of Greater Syria and Phoenicia), and Sathrabuzanes, and their fellows, obeished (or obeyed) to these things, that were deemed of (or by) king Darius,

and stood full diligently into the holy works, working together with the elder men of (the) Jews, (and) princes of Syria (or the temple officers).

And the holy works be made welsome, as the prophets Haggai and Zechariah prophesied.

And they fulfilled all things, after the behest (or the command) of the Lord God of Israel, and after the counsel of Cyrus, and of Darius, and of Artaxerxes, king(s) of Persia.

And our house is ended (or was finished), in the three and twentieth day of the month of March, in the sixth year of king Darius.

And the sons of Israel, and the priests, and (the) deacons [or Levites], and others that were of the captivity, the which be set to, did after those things that be written in the book of Moses.

And they offered into the dedication of the temple of the Lord, an hundred bulls, two hundred wethers (or rams), four hundred lambs;

(and) twelve kids, for the sins of all Israel, after the number of the twelve lineages of Israel.

And the priests and (the) deacons [or Levites] stood, clothed [or clad] with the stoles, by their lineages, upon the works of the Lord God of Israel, after the book of Moses; and there were porters [or ushers] by all the gates.

10 And the sons of Israel did that pask, with them that were of the captivity, in the moon of the first month, the fourteenth day, when the priests and (the) deacons be hallowed. [And the sons of Israel did, with them that were of the captivity, that pask, the moon of the first month, fourteenth, when be hallowed the priests and the Levites.]

11 And all the sons of (the) captivity they be not hallowed together, for (or but) all the Levites be hallowed together. [And all the sons of captivity be not together hallowed, for all the Levites be together hallowed.]

12 And they offered (the) pask to all the sons of (the) captivity, and to their brethren (the) priests, and to themselves.

13 And the sons of Israel, the which were of the captivity, all they that had left (or had separated) from all the cursednesses of (the) Gentiles, or heathen folk, of the earth, ate, and sought the Lord;

14 and they hallowed the feast day of therf loaves, seven days eating in the sight of the Lord;

15 for he converted the counsel of the king of Assyria in (or towards) them, to comfort (or to strengthen) the hands of them to (or in) the works of the Lord God of Israel.