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After these things forsooth there were princes chosen of (or from) (their) towns, that they should wend up [or that they go up], by houses, by their lineages, and the wives of them, and the sons and daughters of them, and servants and handmaidens of them, and their beasts.

And king Darius sent together with them a thousand horsemen, to the time that they brought them into Jerusalem, with peace, and with musics, and timbres, and trumps;

and all the brethren were playing. And he made them to go up together with them.

And these be the names of the men, that went up, by their towns, into lineages, and into (the) part of the princehood of them.

Priests; the sons of Phinehas, the sons of Aaron, Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), the son of Josedek, the son of Saraeas, (and) Joakim, the son of Zerubbabel, son of Salathiel, of the house of David, of the progeny of Phares (or Perez), of the lineage forsooth of Judah,

that spake under Darius, king of Persia, marvellous doing words, in the second year of his realm [or of his reign], in April (or Nisan), the first month.

Forsooth these it be, that went up of Judah [or that of Judah went up] from the captivity, or thralldom, of the transmigration, whom Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, translated into Babylon;

and each is (re)turned again into Jerusalem, and into all the cities of Judea, each into his own city, that came with Zerubbabel, and with Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua); Nehemiah, Zaraeas, and Resaiah, Eneneus, Mardochaeus (or Mordecai), Beelsarus, Aspharasus, Reeliah, Romelius, (and) Baana, one of the princes of them (or their princes).

And the number from the Gentiles of them, from the provosts, or reeves, of them; the sons of Phoros, two thousand an hundred seventy and two; (the sons of Saphat, four hundred seventy and two);

10K the sons of Ares, seven hundred fifty and six;

11K the sons of Pahath-moab, two thousand eight hundred and twelve;

12K the sons of Elam, a thousand two hundred fifty and four; the sons of Zathui, nine hundred forty and five; the sons of Chorbe, seven hundred and five; the sons of Bani, six hundred forty and eight;

13K the sons of Bebai, six hundred twenty and three; the sons of Astaa, three thousand two hundred twenty and two;

14K the sons of Adonikam, six hundred sixty and seven; the sons of Bagoi, two thousand sixty and six; the sons of Adin, four hundred fifty and four;

15K the sons of Ater (the son of) Hezekiah, ninety and two; the sons of Keilan and Azetas, threescore and seven; the sons of Azurus, four hundred thirty and two;

16K the sons of Annias, an hundred and one; the sons of Arom, thirty-two; the sons of Bassa, three hundred twenty and three; the sons of Arsiphurith, an hundred and two (or one hundred and twelve);

17K the sons of Baeterus, three thousand and five; the sons of Bethlomon, an hundred twenty and three;

18K the sons of Netophah, fifty and five; the sons of Anathoth, an hundred fifty and eight; the sons of Bethasmoth, forty and two;

19K the sons of Cariathiarius, twenty and five; the sons of Caphira and Beroth, seven hundred forty and three; the sons of Pira, seven hundred;

20K the sons of Chadias and Ammidoi, four hundred twenty and two; the sons of Cirama and Gabdes, six hundred twenty and one;

21K the sons of Macalon, an hundred twenty and two; the sons of Betolio, fifty and two; the sons of Phinis, an hundred fifty and six;

22K the sons of Calamolalus and Onus, seven hundred twenty and five; the sons of Jerechus, two hundred forty and five;

23K the sons of Sanaas, three thousand three hundred and thirty.

24K Priests: the sons of Jeddu, the son of Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), among the sons of Anasib, nine hundred seventy and two; the sons of Emmeruth (or Immer), a thousand fifty and two;

25K the sons of Phassurus, a thousand forty and seven; the sons of Charme, a thousand and seventeen.

26 Deacons [or Levites]; the sons of Jessue, and Cadmielus, and Bannus, and Sudius, four and seventy; all the number from the two and twenty year, thirty thousand four hundred and two and sixty; sons, and daughters, and wives, all the numbering, sixty thousand two hundred and two and forty.

27 The sons of priests, that sung in the temple; the sons of Asaph, an hundred and eight and twenty.

28 Ushers forsooth (or The porters or the door-keepers); the sons of Salum, the sons of Atar, the sons of Tolmon, the sons of Dacubi, the sons of Ateta, the sons of Sabi, (in) all an hundred and nine and thirty.

29 Priests, serving in the temple (or The Temple servants); (the) sons of Esau, the sons of Asipha, the sons of Taboth, the sons of Keras, the sons of Susa, the sons of Phaleas, the sons of Labana, the sons of Aggaba,

30 the sons of Acud, the sons of Uta, the sons of Ketab, the sons of Gaba, the sons of Subai, the sons of Anan, the sons of Cathua, the sons of Geddur,

31 the sons of Jairus, the sons of Desan, the sons of Noeba, the sons of Chaseba, the sons of Gazera, the sons of Ozius, the sons of Phinoe, the sons of Asara, the sons of Basthae, the sons of Asana, the sons of Maani, the sons of Naphisi, the sons of Acum, the sons of Achipha, the sons of Asur, the sons of Pharakim, the sons of Baaloth,

32 the sons of Meedda, the sons of Coutha, the sons of Charea, the sons of Barchue, the sons of Serar, the sons of Thomi, the sons of Nasith, the sons of Atepha.

33 Solomon, the sons of him (or The sons of Solomon’s servants); the sons of Asapphioth, the sons of Pharida, the sons of Jeeli, the sons of Lozon, the sons of Isdael, the sons of Saphythi,

34 the sons of Hagia, the sons of Phacareth, the sons of Sabie, the sons of Sarothie, the sons of Masias, the sons of Gas, the sons of Addus, the sons of Subas, the sons of Apherra, the sons of Barodis, the sons of Saphat, the sons of Adlon.

35 All these were in holy serving; and the children of Solomon were four hundred fourscore and two. (All the servants of the Temple, and the sons of Solomon’s servants, were three hundred and seventy-two.)

36 These be the sons that went up to (or from) Thermeleth and Thelsas; the princes of them were Charaathalar and Alar;

37 and they might not tell out their cites, and their progenies, what manner they be; and of Israel, the sons of Dalan, the sons of Ban, the sons of Necodan, (six hundred and fifty-two).

38 And of the priests, that used (the office of the) priesthood, and were [not] found; the sons of Obdia, the sons of Accos, the sons of Joddus, that took Augia (as his) wife, (one) of the daughters of Barzillai, and they be called by the name of her;

39 and of these is sought the genealogy written [or the written genealogy] of the kindred, and they be forfended (or prevented) to use (the office of the) priesthood.

40 And Nehemiah said to them, and Attharias, that they take not part of the holy things, till the time that there arise a taught bishop, into showing (or revelation) and truth.

41 All Israel forsooth was twelve thousand (or All Israel twelve years of age and older), out-take (or besides) servants and handmaidens, two and forty thousand three hundred and sixty.

42 The servants of [them, and] (the) handmaidens were seven thousand three hundred and seven and thirty (or forty); singers and singsters [or singeresses], two hundred and five and sixty (or forty);

43 camels, four hundred and five and thirty; horses, seven thousand six and thirty; mules, two hundred thousand and five and forty (or two hundred and five and forty); beasts under yoke, five thousand and (five hundred) and five and twenty.

44 And of those provosts, or reeves, by towns, while they should come into the temple of God, that was in Jerusalem, to be avowed to rear up the temple in his place, after their virtue;

45 and the holy treasury to be given into the temple of works [or and to be given into the temple (into) the holy treasury of works], were eleven thousand bezants, and an hundred priests’ stoles.

46 And there dwelled (the) priests, and deacons [or Levites], and others, that were of the people, in Jerusalem, and in the realm [or and in the region]; and the holy singers, and ushers (or the porters, or the door-keepers), and all Israel, in their regions.

47 While the seventh month yet lasted, and when the sons of Israel were each in his own things, they came together of one accord into the porch (or the open space), that was before the east gate.

48 And while Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), the son of Josedek, and his brethren, (the) priests, stood, and Zerubbabel, the some of Salathiel, and his brethren, they made ready an altar, [And standing Jesus (or Jeshua), the son of Josedek, and his brethren, priests, and Zerubbabel, the some of Salathiel, and of this the brethren, made ready an altar,]

49 that they would offer on it burnt sacrifices, after those things that be written in the book of Moses, the man of God.

50 And there came to them of other nations of the land, and reared (up) the holy treasury in his (or its) (own) place, all the folk of the land; and they offered hosts, and burnt sacrifices of the morrowtide to the Lord.

51 And they did the feast of tabernacles, and a solemn day, as it is written in the law, and sacrifices each day, as it behooved.

52 And after these things they ordained offerings, and hosts of sabbaths, and of new moons, and of all solemn days hallowed. [And after these things, the ordained offerings, and hosts of sabbaths, and of new moons, and of all hallowed solemn days.]

53 And how many ever vowed to the Lord, from the time of the new moon of the seventh month, they took hosts to offer to God; and the temple of the Lord was not yet builded up [or yet was not built up].

54 And they gave money to masons, and to wrights, and drinks [or and drink] and meats, with joy.

55 And they gave cars (or carts) to (the) Sidonians and to (the) Tyrians (or the men of Tyre), that they should carry over to them from Lebanon wood cedar beams, and to make a navy [or and make a navy] into the haven of Joppa, after the decree that was written to them from Cyrus, king of Persia.

56 And in the second year (after) they came into (or back to) the temple of God, into Jerusalem; the second month Zerubbabel began, the son of Salathiel, and Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), the son of Josedek, and the brethren of them, and (the) priests, and Levites (or deacons), and all they that came from the captivity into Jerusalem; [And in the second year they coming into the temple of God, into Jerusalem, the second month began Zerubbabel, the son of Salathiel, and Jesus (or Jeshua), the son of Josedek, and the brethren of them, and priests, and Levites, and all that came from the captivity into Jerusalem;]

57 and founded the temple of God, in the new moon of the second month of the second year, when they had come into Judea and to Jerusalem;

58 and set deacons [or Levites] from the age of twenty years (old) upon the works of the Lord. And Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), stood, (and) his son(s), and his brethren, all the deacons [or all Levites] together casting, and executors, or followers, of the law, and doing works in the house of the Lord.

59 And there stood (the) priests, having stoles, or long clothes, with trumps, and (the) Levites (or the deacons), the sons of Asaph, having cymbals,

60 together praising the Lord, and blessing him, after the manner of David, king of Israel.

61 And they sung a song to the Lord, for his sweetness and his worship into worlds, or (for)ever, upon all Israel.

62 And all the people sung with trumps, and cried with (a) great (or with a loud) voice, praising together the Lord, in the rearing (up) of the Lord’s house. [And all the people with trumps sang, and cried with great voice, praising together the Lord, in the rearing of the house of the Lord.]

63 And there came many of the priests, and of (the) deacons [or Levites], and of (the) presidents after (the) towns (or of the princes of the towns), to the elders that had seen the rather house (or the first Temple), and at the building up of this house, with cry(ing), and with great wailing;

64 and many with trumps, and great joy,

65 so that the people heard not the trumps, for the great wailing of the people. Forsooth there was a company singing worshipfully in trumps (or with the trumpets), so that it was heard afar.

66 And the enemies heard the lineages of Judah and of Benjamin, and came to know, what was this voice of trumps (or what was the meaning of the noise of the trumpets).

67 And they knew, that they that were of the captivity builded, [or built], (or were building) the temple to the Lord God of Israel.

68 And the enemies coming nigh to Zerubbabel, and to Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), and to the reeves of (the) towns, they said to them, We shall build together with you. [And coming nigh to Zerubbabel, and to Jesus (or to Jeshua), and to the provosts of towns, said to them, We shall build together with you.]

69 In like manner forsooth we have heard our Lord, and we have gone together from the days of Asbasareth (or Esarhaddon), king of Assyrians, that over-passed from hence, [or that went over hence], (or that brought us here).

70 And Zerubbabel, and Jesus, (or Jeshua, or Joshua), and the princes of the towns of Israel said to them, It (be)longeth not to us and to you together to build up the house of our God [or It is not to us and to you to build up the house of our God];

71 forsooth we alone shall build the house of our God, after those things, that Cyrus, king of Persia, commanded.

72 The Gentiles forsooth of the land (or But the heathen of the land) living with them that be in Judea, and rearing up the work of building, and bringing forth both (their) espies and people, they forfended (or prevented) them to build up;

73 and they letted (or hindered) (the) men, haunting the goings-to, (so) that the building should not be ended in all the time of the life of the king Cyrus; and they drew along the making-up by two years, unto the reign of Darius.