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And so kagō, brothers adelphos, I could dynamai not ou speak laleō to you hymeis as hōs spiritual pneumatikos people , but alla rather as hōs people of the flesh sarkinos, as hōs infants nēpios in en Christ Christos. I gave potizō you hymeis milk gala, not ou solid brōma food , for gar you were not oupō ready dynamai for it. And alla even now nyn you are not oude yet eti ready dynamai, for gar you are eimi still eti of the flesh sarkikos. For gar while hopou there is jealousy zēlos and kai strife eris among en you hymeis, are you eimi not ouchi of the flesh sarkikos and kai behaving peripateō like kata mere men anthrōpos? For gar when hotan one tis says legō, “ I egō follow eimi Paul Paulos,” and de another heteros, “ I egō follow Apollos Apollōs,” are you eimi not ou like everyone anthrōpos else ?

What tis then oun is eimi Apollos Apollōs? What tis · de is eimi Paul Paulos? Servants diakonos through dia whom hos you came to believe pisteuō, even kai as hōs the ho Lord kyrios assigned didōmi to each hekastos of us. I egō planted phyteuō, Apollos Apollōs watered potizō, but alla · ho God theos has been causing the growth auxanō. So hōste neither oute the ho one who plants phyteuō nor oute the ho one who waters potizō is eimi anything tis, but alla God theos is the ho one who gives the growth auxanō. The ho one who plants phyteuō · de and kai the ho one who waters potizō have eimi a common purpose heis, and de each hekastos will receive lambanō · ho his idios wages misthos on kata the basis of · ho his idios work kopos. For gar we are eimi coworkers synergos belonging to God theos. You are eimi God’ s theos field geōrgion, God’ s theos building oikodomē.

10 According kata to the ho grace charis of ho God theos · ho given didōmi to me egō, like hōs a skilled sophos master architektōn builder I laid tithēmi a foundation themelios, but de someone allos else is building epoikodomeō on it. Let each hekastos one · de take care blepō how pōs he builds epoikodomeō on it. 11 For gar no one oudeis is able dynamai to lay tithēmi a foundation themelios other allos than para that ho which is laid keimai, which hos is eimi Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. 12 If ei · de anyone tis is building epoikodomeō on epi the ho foundation themelios with gold chrysos, silver argyros, gems lithos timios, wood xylon, hay chortos, straw kalamē 13 the ho work ergon of each hekastos person will become ginomai evident phaneros, for gar the ho Day hēmera will disclose dēloō it, because hoti it will be revealed apokalyptō by en fire pyr. And kai the ho fire pyr will test dokimazō what sort of hopoios work ergon each hekastos · ho has done eimi. 14 If ei the ho work ergon that hos someone tis has built on epoikodomeō it remains menō, he will receive lambanō a reward misthos. 15 If ei someone’ s tis · ho work ergon is burned katakaiō up , he will suffer loss; however de, he himself autos will be saved sōzō, but de only houtōs as hōs through dia fire pyr.

16 Do you not ou know oida that hoti you are eimi God’ s theos temple naos and kai that · ho God’ s theos Spirit pneuma · ho lives oikeō in en you hymeis? 17 If ei anyone tis destroys phtheirō · ho God’ s theos temple naos, · ho God theos will destroy phtheirō him houtos. · ho · ho For gar God’ s theos temple naos · ho is eimi holy hagios, and that is what hostis you hymeis are eimi.

18 Let exapataō no one mēdeis deceive exapataō himself heautou. If ei someone tis among en you hymeis thinks dokeō he is eimi wise sophos in en · ho this houtos age aiōn, let him become ginomai foolish mōros so hina that he may become ginomai wise sophos. 19 For gar the ho wisdom sophia of ho this houtos world kosmos is eimi folly mōria with para · ho God theos. For gar it is written graphō, “ He ho traps drassomai the ho wise sophos with en · ho their own autos craftiness panourgia.” 20 And kai again palin, “The Lord kyrios knows ginōskō the ho reasonings dialogismos of the ho wise sophos, that hoti they are eimi futile mataios.” 21 So hōste then , let no mēdeis one boast kauchaomai with en respect to men anthrōpos. For gar all pas things are eimi yours hymeis, 22 whether eite Paul Paulos or eite Apollos Apollōs or eite Cephas Kēphas or eite the world kosmos or eite life zōē or eite death thanatos or eite the present enistēmi or eite the future mellō all pas are yours hymeis, 23 and de you hymeis are Christ’ s Christos, and de Christ Christos is God’ s theos.

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