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16 Now de concerning peri the ho collection logeia · ho for eis the ho saints hagios: as hōsper I directed diatassō the ho churches ekklēsia of ho Galatia Galatia, so houtōs you hymeis also kai are to do poieō. On kata the first heis day of the week sabbaton, each hekastos of you hymeis should put tithēmi something hos aside para heautou as ean he may prosper euodoō and save thēsaurizō it, so that hina when hotan I come erchomai, collections logeia will not have to be made ginomai. And de when hotan I arrive paraginomai, I will dispatch pempō with dia letters epistolē of introduction whomever hos ean you approve dokimazō to carry apopherō · ho your hymeis gift charis to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm. And de if ean it seems eimi advisable axios that ho I should go poreuō also kagō, they will go poreuō with syn me egō.

But de I will come erchomai to pros you hymeis after hotan I have gone through dierchomai Macedonia Makedonia for gar I intend to go through dierchomai Macedonia Makedonia and de it may be that tynchanō I will stay paramenō awhile with pros you hymeis, or ē even kai spend the winter paracheimazō, so that hina you hymeis can help me egō continue propempō my journey , wherever hou ean I go poreuō. For gar I do not ou want thelō to see you hymeis now arti just in en passing parodos, for gar I hope elpizō to spend epimenō some tis time chronos with pros you hymeis, if ean the ho Lord kyrios permits epitrepō. But de I will stay epimenō in en Ephesus Ephesos until heōs · ho Pentecost pentēkostē, for gar a door thura that offers wide megas and kai effective energēs ministry stands open anoigō for me egō, · kai although there are many polys adversaries antikeimai.

10 Now de if ean Timothy Timotheos comes erchomai, see blepō that hina he has ginomai nothing to fear aphobōs while he is with pros you hymeis, for gar he is doing ergazomai the ho Lord’ s kyrios work ergon, just as hōs I kagō am. 11 So oun no one tis should treat him autos with contempt exoutheneō. Help propempō · de him autos continue his journey in en peace eirēnē, that hina he may come erchomai to pros me egō; for gar I am expecting ekdechomai him autos with meta the ho brothers adelphos.

12 Now de concerning peri Apollos Apollōs our ho brother adelphos: I strongly polys urged parakaleō him autos to hina go erchomai to pros you hymeis with meta the ho other brothers adelphos, but kai it was eimi not ou at all pantōs his intention thelēma to hina go erchomai now nyn. He will go erchomai · de when hotan he has an opportunity eukaireō.

13 Stay on guard grēgoreō, continue to stand stēkō firm in en the ho faith pistis, be men of courage andrizomai, grow in strength krataioō. 14 Everything pas you hymeis do should be done ginomai in en love agapē. 15 You know oida that hoti the ho household oikia of Stephanus Stephanas were eimi the first aparchē converts in the ho province of Achaia Achaia, and kai that they devoted tassō themselves heautou to eis the service diakonia of the ho saints hagios. So de I urge parakaleō you hymeis, brothers adelphos, 16 that hina you hymeis also kai submit hypotassō to ho such as these toioutos, and kai to everyone pas who ho assists in the work synergeō and kai labors kopiaō in it. 17 But de I rejoice chairō at epi the ho coming parousia of Stephanas Stephanas, · kai Fortunatus Phortounatos, and kai Achaicus Achaikos because hoti they houtos have supplied anaplēroō what ho was lacking hysterēma from you hymeteros, 18 for gar they have refreshed anapauō · ho my emos spirit pneuma and kai · ho yours hymeis. Therefore oun recognize epiginōskō the worth of ho such men toioutos.

19 The ho churches ekklēsia of ho Asia Asia send their greetings aspazomai to you hymeis. Aquila Akylas and kai Prisca Priska, along with syn the ho church ekklēsia that meets in kata their autos house oikos, send their special polys greetings aspazomai in en the Lord kyrios. 20 All pas the ho brothers adelphos send you hymeis greetings aspazomai. Greet aspazomai one another allēlōn with en a holy hagios kiss philēma.

21 This ho greeting aspasmos is in ho my emos own hand cheir, Paul Paulos. 22 If ei anyone tis does not ou love phileō the ho Lord kyrios, let him be eimi accursed anathema. Our Lord has come! 23 May the ho grace charis of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous be with meta you hymeis. 24 · ho My egō love agapē be with meta you hymeis all pas in en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous.

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