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16 So they brought the Ark of God into the special tent that David had prepared for it, and the leaders of Israel sacrificed burnt offerings and peace offerings before God. At the conclusion of these offerings David blessed the people in the name of the Lord; then he gave every person present[a] (men and women alike) a loaf of bread, some wine, and a cake of raisins.

He appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the Ark by giving constant praise and thanks to the Lord God of Israel and by asking for his blessings upon his people. These are the names of those given this assignment: Asaph, the leader of this detail, sounded the cymbals. His associates were Zechariah, Jeiel, Shemiramoth, Jehiel, Mattithiah, Eliab, Benaiah, Obed-edom, and Jeiel; they played the harps and zithers. The priests Benaiah and Jahaziel played their trumpets regularly before the Ark.

At that time David began the custom of using choirs in the Tabernacle to sing thanksgiving to the Lord. Asaph was the director of this choral group of priests.

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord and pray to him,” they sang.

“Tell the peoples of the world

About his mighty doings.

Sing to him; yes, sing his praises

And tell of his marvelous works.

10 Glory in his holy name;

Let all rejoice who seek the Lord.

11 Seek the Lord; yes, seek his strength

And seek his face untiringly.

12-13 O descendants of his servant Abraham,

O chosen sons of Jacob,

Remember his mighty miracles

And his marvelous miracles

And his authority:

14 He is the Lord our God!

His authority is seen throughout the earth.

15 Remember his covenant forever—

The words he commanded

To a thousand generations:

16 His agreement with Abraham,

And his oath to Isaac,

17 And his confirmation to Jacob.

He promised Israel

With an everlasting promise:

18 ‘I will give you the land of Canaan

As your inheritance.’

19 When Israel was few in number—oh, so few—

And merely strangers in the Promised Land;

20 When they wandered from country to country,

From one kingdom to another—

21 God didn’t let anyone harm them.

Even kings were killed who sought to hurt them.

22 ‘Don’t harm my chosen people,’ he declared.

‘These are my prophets—touch them not.’

23 Sing to the Lord, O Earth,

Declare each day that he is the one who saves!

24 Show his glory to the nations!

Tell everyone about his miracles.

25 For the Lord is great and should be highly praised;

He is to be held in awe above all gods.

26 The other so-called gods are demons,

But the Lord made the heavens.

27 Majesty and honor march before him,

Strength and gladness walk beside him.

28 O people of all nations of the earth,

Ascribe great strength and glory to his name!

29 Yes, ascribe to the Lord

The glory due his name!

Bring an offering and come before him;

Worship the Lord when clothed with holiness!

30 Tremble before him, all the earth!

The world stands unmoved.

31 Let the heavens be glad, the earth rejoice;

Let all the nations say, ‘It is the Lord who reigns.’

32 Let the vast seas roar,

Let the countryside and everything in it rejoice!

33 Let the trees in the woods sing for joy before the Lord,

For he comes to judge the earth.

34 Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;

His love and his kindness go on forever.

35 Cry out to him, ‘Oh, save us, God of our salvation;

Bring us safely back from among the nations.

Then we will thank your holy name,

And triumph in your praise.’

36 Blessed be Jehovah, God of Israel,

Forever and forevermore.”

And all the people shouted “Amen!” and praised the Lord.

37 David arranged for Asaph and his fellow Levites to minister regularly at the Tabernacle,[b] doing each day whatever needed to be done. 38 This group included Obed-edom (the son of Jeduthun), Hosah, and sixty-eight of their colleagues as guards.

39 Meanwhile the old Tabernacle of the Lord on the hill of Gibeon continued to be active. David left Zadok the priest and his fellow priests to minister to the Lord there. 40 They sacrificed burnt offerings to the Lord each morning and evening upon the altar set aside for that purpose, just as the Lord had commanded Israel. 41 David also appointed Heman, Jeduthun, and several others who were chosen by name to give thanks to the Lord for his constant love and mercy. 42 They used their trumpets and cymbals to accompany the singers with loud praises to God. And Jeduthun’s sons were appointed as guards.

43 At last the celebration ended and the people returned to their homes, and David returned to bless his own household.


  1. 1 Chronicles 16:3 every person present, literally, “to each Israelite.”
  2. 1 Chronicles 16:37 at the Tabernacle, literally, “before the Ark of the Covenant of the Lord.”

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