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11 Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.(A)

Head Coverings

I commend you because you remember me in everything and maintain the traditions just as I handed them on to you.(B) But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man[a] is the head of the woman,[b] and God is the head of Christ.(C) Any man who prays or prophesies with something on his head shames his head,(D) but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled shames her head—it is one and the same thing as having her head shaved. For if a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair, but if it is shameful for a woman to have her hair cut off or to be shaved, she should wear a veil. For a man ought not to have his head veiled, since he is the image and reflection[c] of God, but woman is the reflection[d] of man.(E) Indeed, man was not made from woman but woman from man.(F) Neither was man created for the sake of woman but woman for the sake of man.(G) 10 For this reason a woman ought to have authority over her head,[e] because of the angels.(H) 11 Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man or man independent of woman. 12 For just as woman came from man, so man comes through woman, but all things come from God. 13 Judge for yourselves: Is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head unveiled? 14 Does not nature itself teach you that, if a man wears long hair, it is dishonoring to him, 15 but if a woman has long hair, it is her glory? For her hair is given to her for a covering.

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  1. 11.3 Or husband
  2. 11.3 Or wife
  3. 11.7 Or glory
  4. 11.7 Or glory
  5. 11.10 Or have freedom of choice regarding her head