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13 我必追讨她素日给诸巴力烧香的罪,那时她佩戴耳环和别样装饰,随从她所爱的,却忘记我。这是耶和华说的。


14 “后来我必劝导她,领她到旷野,对她说安慰的话。 15 她从那里出来,我必赐她葡萄园,又赐她亚割谷作为指望的门。她必在那里应声[a],与幼年的日子一样,与从埃及地上来的时候相同。 16 耶和华说:那日你必称呼我伊施[b],不再称呼我巴力[c]

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  1. 何西阿书 2:15 或作:歌唱。
  2. 何西阿书 2:16 就是“我夫”的意思。
  3. 何西阿书 2:16 就是“我主”的意思。

13 And (A)I will punish her for (B)the feast days of the Baals
    when she burned offerings to them
and (C)adorned herself with her ring and jewelry,
    and went after her lovers
    and forgot me, declares the Lord.

The Lord's Mercy on Israel

14 “Therefore, behold, I will allure her,
    and (D)bring her into the wilderness,
    and (E)speak tenderly to her.
15 And there I will give her her vineyards
    and make the Valley of Achor[a] a door of hope.
And there she shall answer (F)as in the days of her youth,
    as at the time when she came out of the land of Egypt.

16 “And (G)in that day, declares the Lord, you will call me ‘My Husband,’ and no longer will you call me ‘My Baal.’

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  1. Hosea 2:15 Achor means trouble; compare Joshua 7:26