“They(A) are all adulterers.
Like an oven heated by a baker—
He ceases stirring the fire after kneading the dough,
Until it is leavened.
In the day of our king
Princes have made him sick, [a]inflamed with (B)wine;
He stretched out his hand with scoffers.
They prepare their heart like an oven,
While they lie in wait;
[b]Their baker sleeps all night;
In the morning it burns like a flaming fire.
They are all hot, like an oven,
And have devoured their judges;
All their kings have fallen.
(C)None among them calls upon Me.

“Ephraim (D)has mixed himself among the peoples;
Ephraim is a cake unturned.

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  1. Hosea 7:5 Lit. with the heat of
  2. Hosea 7:6 So with MT, Vg.; Syr., Tg. Their anger; LXX Ephraim

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