The Guilt Offering

“‘These are the regulations for the guilt offering,(A) which is most holy: The guilt offering is to be slaughtered in the place where the burnt offering is slaughtered, and its blood is to be splashed against the sides of the altar. All its fat(B) shall be offered: the fat tail and the fat that covers the internal organs, both kidneys with the fat on them near the loins, and the long lobe of the liver, which is to be removed with the kidneys.(C) The priest shall burn them on the altar(D) as a food offering presented to the Lord. It is a guilt offering. Any male in a priest’s family may eat it,(E) but it must be eaten in the sanctuary area; it is most holy.(F)

“‘The same law applies to both the sin offering[a](G) and the guilt offering:(H) They belong to the priest(I) who makes atonement with them.(J)

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  1. Leviticus 7:7 Or purification offering; also in verse 37