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Joanna, Wealthy But Humble, Day 5

Today's reading is taken from Luke 8:2-3 and Luke 24:10.

Joanna, a name that means “Yahweh’s Gift,” was the wife of Chuza, the steward of Herod Antipas. Holding such an important position, Chuza would have earned a good salary. No doubt, he provided Joanna with a nice home and every available luxury of that day. Yet, when Joanna met Jesus, he healed her of an unrecorded illness or evil spirit that controlled her life (Lk 8:2), and Joanna made a self-sacrificing decision. She chose to risk her comfortable lifestyle in order to become a follower of Jesus Christ..

Life was difficult for the women who served Jesus and his disciples. Yet Joanna joined these women in giving unselfishly not only of her time and energies but also of whatever money she had to support the Lord’s work.

Joanna went to Jesus’ tomb on the early Sunday morning following the crucifixion. She is listed as one of the women who reported the resurrection of Jesus to the eleven disciples.

Joanna could have lived out her years focusing on the luxuries and privileges provided by her wealthy and influential husband. Instead she was willing to give up her mansion on earth for the mansion in heaven she knew would be hers when she committed herself to Christ. Joanna was privileged to be among the last at the cross as well as among the first to witness the empty tomb and proclaim the Lord’s resurrection. She stands in history as a woman with position and possessions whose devotion to her Lord is exemplified in humble service.

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