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Ash Wednesday: A Call to Repentance

Lent is here! Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season of Lent, and around the world, millions of Christians are beginning a 40-day journey of reflection toward Easter. The Lenten season is focused on reflection and repentance—of acknowledgement of our sins in anticipation of the forgiveness that Easter represents. In this spirit, […]

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Josiah and the Re-Discovery of God’s Law

Are you familiar with the story of Josiah and the rediscovery of the Law? Josiah became king at a spiritually and politically bleak point in Judah’s history—a succession of (with a few exceptions) wicked kings had led the nation steadily away from Yahweh, while defeat and exile loomed on the horizon. Yet in the midst of this gloom, God introduced a ray of light….

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