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Blog / COVID-19: A Message from Bible Gateway

COVID-19: A Message from Bible Gateway

Interlinear Bible illustration

During this time of trial and uncertainty, when many of us are facing a fast-developing reality that includes ‘physical distancing’ and school and church closures, we at Bible Gateway are more aware than ever of our mission to be a source of light in God’s world.

We’re working hard to make sure our many visitors, followers, and members are readily equipped to read and understand the Bible, wherever they are. Many of us are at home, temporarily cut off from our larger communities. Many of us have children home from school. Many of us have jobs that have been thrown into uncertainty or are worried about the health of loved ones.

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Bible Gateway will continue to live out its mission and provide new opportunities to engage with God’s Word.

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We hope that both our free and our Bible Gateway Plus resources are especially helpful for you, whether you’re a pastor cut off from your physical libraries or research notes, or a Bible study leader trying to find creative ways to meet the needs of groups you may not be able to see in person, or if you’re just looking for ways to amplify your personal study of Scripture.

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I’m drawn repeatedly to Psalm 46, which pictures God as a refuge and fortress for his people in a time of earthly upheaval. And I’ve found these notes from the Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary of the Old Testament especially useful to deepening my understanding of that Psalm.

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If you have family or friends who might benefit from our resources, don’t hesitate to share with them—and let them know they can try Bible Gateway Plus free for 30-days.

My prayer is that God would show us ways to bring his message to a world that’s been shaken and is looking wildly for answers. I hope Bible Gateway’s range of resources not only serve you where you are, I also hope all of us would be gifted with a renewed energy for spreading the message of the gospel in any way we can.

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