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Blog / Ancient-Modern Bible: The Bible 2,000 Years in the Making

Ancient-Modern Bible: The Bible 2,000 Years in the Making

Buy your copy of the Ancient-Modern Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayDiscover the rich wisdom of voices from the past and present with the Ancient-Modern Bible (Thomas Nelson, 2018) using the New King James Version Bible translation (@NKJVbible).

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The Ancient-Modern Bible is an opportunity for you to experience the Word of God with fresh eyes, as a member of the global and historical community of faith.

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Click to enlarge: the Ancient-Modern Bible includes commentary from Christian thinkers, from past and present

A Bible that’s been 2,000 years in the making, the Ancient-Modern Bible features all-new book introductions, articles, and commentary from voices both ancient and modern to help readers experience the Word of God in light of history and current day. Read the Bible alongside Augustine, Luther, Graham, and others—and discover the rich wisdom of ages past and present; the inheritance of every follower of Christ.

Click to enlarge: the Ancient-Modern Bible design is in full color

“Christians are members of a unique community with a unique text,” says Daniel Marrs, publisher, Thomas Nelson Bible Group. “The church and the Bible are at once ancient and modern, sacred and everyday. The Ancient-Modern Bible uniquely embodies those realities, through both design and content. Beautiful modern typography and design standards blend seamlessly with sacred art and the insights of Christian thinkers, both past and present, to create a Bible that presents Scripture as holy and unique while speaking accessibly to today’s Christian.”

From the Introduction

When you pick up the Bible and begin reading, you’re not alone; you’re joined by a vibrant, ancient-modern community of readers and interpreters, students of the Word, worshipers of God.

This fellowship stretches across the globe, encompassing charismatic Anglicans in Singapore, non- denominational Baptists in London, and Orthodox believers in Rio de Janeiro. And it’s a fellowship that reaches back through time, from the very earliest disciples of Jesus living in Jerusalem, through the second- century converts in Roman- ruled Africa and Europe, to medieval monastics, and onward to reformers, pietists, missionaries, revivalists, and more.

This church community mosaic has always been held together by the book you’re holding in your hands— the living Word of God. Despite the debates and divisions that mark church history, Christians at all times and in all places have been united by their love of Scripture and their desire to encounter God in its pages.

The Ancient-Modern Bible reflects that reality. Every aspect is designed to remind you that, as you read the Word of God, you’re a part of a sacred communion made up of believers past and present. As you dive in, you’ll notice a beautiful layout that purposefully juxtaposes ancient elements (such as golden ornamental drop caps and marginal commentary) with modern design and typography.

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Click to enlarge: the Ancient-Modern Bible includes dozens of biographies

In-text Bible commentary from Christian thinkers, past and present, including Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, Athanasius, C.S. Lewis, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eugene Peterson, and N. T. Wright. Dozens of biographies highlight influential church leaders throughout history. Full color design uniquely blends modern typography with traditional, sacred elements.

Buy your copy of the Ancient-Modern Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every day

Features of the Ancient-Modern Bible include:

  • Full-color design that uniquely blends cutting edge modern typography and layout with traditional, sacred elements
  • Bible commentary from church thinkers of the past and present, from Huss to Keller, from Chrysostom to Spurgeon, from Aquinas to Wright
  • Biographies of church leaders and thinkers
  • Doctrine and history articles on significant councils, creeds, and controversies
  • Sacred art from throughout church history
  • Easy-to-read 8.5-point print size in Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print®

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The Ancient-Modern Bible (website) is published by HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc., the parent company of Bible Gateway.

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