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Blog / Revolutionize Your Bible Study by Tracing Themes Through Scripture

Revolutionize Your Bible Study by Tracing Themes Through Scripture

Study biblical themes with this free website resourceIf you’re exasperated with Bible studies that haphazardly pick arbitrary passages to draw vague applications for your life, Zondervan’s new free Bible study Trace the Themes is exactly what you’re waiting for.

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Zondervan wants to show you how unpacking biblical themes as they appear throughout Scripture can enrich your devotional life, so it’s making this video and print resource available free of cost.

Trace the Themes is a six-session Bible study that connects the dots of six themes as they unfold through the Bible:

  • The Word of God
  • The Presence of God
  • The People of God
  • Redemption
  • Holiness and
  • Mission.

These video and print studies are perfectly suited for a six-week small group study. They’re also perfect for your own individual use or family devotions.

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Spence Shelton is both the author of these studies and the person who guides the videos. He’s lead pastor of Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC. Spence is a small group expert—he served as Small Groups Pastor at the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham under J. D. Greear and has authored numerous books and study guides on small group ministries including The Meaning of Marriage, a small group study with Tim & Kathy Keller.

Buy your copy of the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every dayTrace the Themes includes a free, downloadable 36-page study guide as well as free video introductions on each of the six themes. The content is adapted from the new NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible (Zondervan, 2018). Like the study guide, this new Bible is geared toward students of the Word who desire to know God more deeply by following his redemptive plan as it’s revealed in Scripture.

Simply visit to download your free Bible study and watch the first video.

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