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Blog / Quiz: Do You Know These Obscure Facts in the Bible? 

Quiz: Do You Know These Obscure Facts in the Bible? 

25 Extremes of the Bible

What’s the largest assembled army in the Bible? What’s the longest book in the Old Testament? Or, here’s a really challenging one: What’s the longest word in the Bible?

How well do you know the “extremes” in the Bible? From the Old Testament to the New, this quiz tests your Bible trivia knowledge. All answers were collected with the King James Version in mind, which doesn’t effect most of the questions, but there are a few that are made easier with a good knowledge of that specific version.

The quiz itself, though quite difficult (well, I think it’s difficult), is 10 questions long. But, it comes to you as part of Bible Gateway’s celebration of its 25th Anniversary. At the end of the quiz, you can choose to sign up to receive the free and complete list of 25 Bible trivia extremes. It includes verse references, because context is always important, even with facts that you’re just using to impress your friends.

Take the quiz below to see how you do—and challenge your friends and followers to beat your score!

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