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Blog / Bible News Roundup – Week of June 18, 2017

Bible News Roundup – Week of June 18, 2017

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Is the ESV Literal and the NIV Gender Neutral?
Bible Scholar Bill Mounce
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Canadian District Bans Christian School from Teaching ‘Offensive’ Parts of Bible
CBN News

Chattanooga, Tennessee: The Most “Bible-Minded” City in the Top 100 USA Media Markets
American Bible Society
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A Brief History of Vacation Bible School
The Anxious Bench

Christians Faced Widespread Harassment in 2015

In World’s Largest Refugee Settlement, Churches Offer Hope
The Seattle Times
Read the Bible Gateway Blog post, Bible Verses for World Refugee Day

When it Comes to Saying Grace, Americans Are Still United
The Washington Post

USA Protestant Megachurches Number 1,600; California Has the Most
Facts & Trends

At Year 150, Does Canada Show Where Religion in United States Might Be Heading?
Get Religion

Religion and Gambling: Studies Find the Wages of Faith May Be Fewer Lost Wages
Huffington Post

Science Reveals the Power of Being Quick to Listen and Slow to Speak
Read James 1:19 in multiple English Bible translations on Bible Gateway

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