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Passion Week Visualized

QuickViewBibleThe following Infographics are from the NIV QuickView Bible (Zondervan, 2012) (website). Navigate and understand the Bible easily with more than 360 visual Infographics, 20 maps, lists, and color-coded sections alongside the NIV text. The Bible is presented as never before through at-a-glance snapshots that visually display key stories and insights from God’s Word.

NIV QuickView Bible - Passion Week

NIV QuickView Bible - Good Friday

NIV QuickView Bible - Crucifixion Forecast

NIV QuickView Bible - Christ and the Crucifixion

NIV QuickView Bible - Resurrection

NIV QuickView Bible - Who is Jesus Christ?

NIV QuickView Bible - Teachings of Jesus in the Gospels

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