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Blog / Infographic: What Happened During Holy Week Day-By-Day

Infographic: What Happened During Holy Week Day-By-Day

Buy your copy of To the Cross in the Bible Gateway Store where you'll enjoy low prices every day“Holy Week” in the Christian church calendar commemorates the chronology of Jesus’ triumphal entry, last supper, betrayal, arrest, crucifixion, and resurrection.

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As Holy Week plays out, the story’s breadth and depth makes it somewhat complex. To help you understand the events, places, and people of Holy Week day-by-day, Bible Gateway has prepared this Infographic that visualizes each of the different facets of the Easter story as they lead to Resurrection Sunday.

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Bible Gateway's Infographic Holy Week Day-by-Day
(Click the image above for a full-size version. It’s also available in PDF.)

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Each line in the chart represents a different person or faction that played a major role in the Easter story. Follow the lines to see how these individuals and groups interacted with each other during the events of Holy Week; read the Bible passages associated with each major event to learn about them. See this post for more information about how to read this timeline and what it does and doesn’t show. (This chart is an interpretation, drawn from the different Gospel accounts. There’s room for some interpretation in the timing of some of these events.)

We encourage you to project the above infographic during your church services and to print copies of the above PDF version to distribute them to people at your church. Please include the following information: Copyright ©2013 Bible Gateway, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing, Inc. Released under a Creative Commons-Attribution-Noncommercial license. Visit to freely search, read, hear, and share the Bible.

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