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Blog / Should Digital Bibles be Used in Inaugural Ceremonies? Bible Gateway Visitors Weigh In

Should Digital Bibles be Used in Inaugural Ceremonies? Bible Gateway Visitors Weigh In

Nearly six out of every ten people (57%) say a digital Bible on a mobile device has no place whatsoever in political and judicial swearing-in ceremonies and that only a print Bible is acceptable. That’s according to Bible Gateway’s latest online poll, in which more than 5,000 people voted.

We posed the question after Nassau County, NY, Executive Edward Mangano was sworn in for his second term earlier this year using an iPad and Bible app when officials were unable to locate a physical copy of the Bible.

Our poll asked Does a digital Bible on a mobile device have the same significance as a print Bible in political and judicial swearing-in ceremonies? Out of a total of 5,057 votes cast in the survey, the majority (57%, 2,882 votes) said, “No, only a print Bible is acceptable.” Less than one-quarter (22%, 1,097 votes), said, “Yes, either digital or print is acceptable.”

A further minority (9%, 437 votes) were agreeable to a digital Bible but with the stipulation that “the Bible text must be showing on the screen or it doesn’t count.”

Only 4% (220 votes) believed that “a digital Bible should be the preferred method” over a print Bible.

And 8% (411 votes) voted that neither a digital nor print Bible should be used. They said, “A Bible is not necessary for such ceremonies.”

For those believing in the appropriateness of a digital Bible, we encourage you to download Bible Gateway’s critically-acclaimed and award-winning free Bible app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire at It offers multiple text and audio Bible versions in a variety of languages, Bible reference books, reading plans, reminders, and more.

Our next Bible Gateway poll asks “Should Hollywood be making Bible-based movies?” Cast your vote below:

Should Hollywood be making Bible-based movies?

  • Yes, but ONLY if the exact content of the Bible is strictly adhered to (74%, 727 Votes)
  • Yes, the stories of the Bible are great content for the big screen and can withstand artistic license (37%, 363 Votes)
  • No, the Bible should never be used by Hollywood as entertainment (0%, 135 Votes)

Total Voters: 981

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