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Blog / Devotions for the New Year are Here!

Devotions for the New Year are Here!

Are you drawing up a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014? Even if you’re not making an actual written list, you’re probably giving at least some thought to what the New Year might hold for you.

Hopefully, the New Year will hold peace and happiness for you. But beyond that, we hope that 2014 is a year of spiritual growth for you. 2014 can be a year in which you grow closer to God, spend more time reading His Word, and make prayer and reflection a part of your everyday routine. Those are lofty-sounding goals, but they’re not out of reach with the right attitude, the right tools, and a bit of personal discipline.

We can’t help you with the attitude and discipline parts, but we can provide you with a few good tools. We believe that one of the best ways to introduce Bible reading and reflection into your daily life is to sign up for a devotional or Bible reading plan. And so the Bible Gateway team has gathered together our favorite devotions and reading plans for 2014.

You’ll find two types of resources on our New Year devotions page:

1. Bible reading plans: A Bible reading plan is a daily Bible reading sent straight to your inbox, ranging in length from a single Bible verse to a longer daily reading. If you want to read the Bible more but have trouble knowing where to start (or motivating yourself to sit down and do the reading), this is what you need. There are plans that will walk you through some or even all of the Bible over the course of a year or two. Pick the reading plan with a pace that appeals to you, and you’ll be on your way to making Bible reading a daily habit!

2. Devotions: Devotions are a daily or weekly piece of short, inspirational reading to help keep your focus on what really matters amid the hectic pace of your everyday life. We’ve got a lot of different devotionals, written in many styles and for many audiences (see a complete list here), but for the New Year, we’ve singled out just a couple of our favorites that we think you’ll love.

We’re especially excited about two brand new additions to our devotional library for 2014:

  • Fit for My King, by Sheri Rose Shepherd — a special five-day devotional that will challenge you to live a healthy life both physically and spiritually, drawn from Sheri Rose Shepherd’s Fit for My King program.
  • Care Instructions for a Life Worth Living, by John Ortberg — Are you living a spiritually fulfilling and effective life? Beloved author John Ortberg offers a weekly message of encouragement and inspiration.

You’ll find other devotions there too, by well-known authors and speakers like Max Lucado and Christine Caine.

We hope you’ll find these reading plans and devotionals helpful as you look ahead to 2014. But whether you make use of these resources or not, we hope that 2014 will be the year that you know the immensely rewarding experience of reading God’s Word. Whether you’ve been reading the Bible for years or have never quite gotten around to it, right now is a perfect time to commit to spending more time with God’s Word.

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