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Blog / Our Thanksgiving Devotional Starts Tomorrow

Our Thanksgiving Devotional Starts Tomorrow

Have you signed up for our Thanksgiving devotional yet? It starts tomorrow (November 7), so there’s still time!

Our Thanksgiving devotional is called Give Thanks: Biblical Stories About Gratitude. When you sign up, twice each week throughout November you’ll receive an inspirational reading consisting of three parts:

  1. An introduction to the Scripture reading, providing a bit of context and background.
  2. A short story from the Bible that illustrates something important about gratitude. The Bible Gateway team has selected some of our favorite Bible stories about gratitude—stories we hope will encourage you to embrace a life defined by thanksgiving.
  3. A set of closing reflection questions to help you think through the meaning of the passage for your life today.

We’ve kept each devotional reading short, and with the introduction and reflection questions, Give Thanks works well either as a personal devotional or as something to read together as a family.

We put a lot of work into Give Thanks: Biblical Stories About Gratitude, and we hope it’s a memorable and encouraging part of your holiday season. You can sign up here.

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