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Blog / Biblical Inerrancy Live-blogging Tomorrow!

Biblical Inerrancy Live-blogging Tomorrow!

Don’t forget: starting tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:30am EST, we’ll be live-blogging the Biblical inerrancy panel discussion at the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) conference!

“Biblical inerrancy” is a term that encompasses a lot of important questions about the Bible—questions about its accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness. These are questions that every Christian should ask, and we hope that tomorrow’s discussion will help you think through the issue for yourself. We’re also confident that the discussion—which features Albert Mohler, Kevin Vanhoozer, Michael Bird, Peter Enns, and John R. Franke, all of them respected Christian thinkers—will demonstrate how committed Christians can come to different conclusions about important matters, yet do so with respect and grace.

Once the discussion is over, we won’t stop talking about Biblical inerrancy—on the contrary, over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a close look at each of the views expressed in this panel discussion, drawing from the book Five Views on Inerrancy.

Tune in to the Bible Gateway blog (here!) tomorrow morning at 8:30am EST. We’ll follow the panel discussion until it wraps up around noon. You can also follow us on Twitter, where we encourage you to share your thoughts throughout the panel discussion.

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