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What’s the Value of Reading the Bible?

This summer, we’ve been talking at length about the reasons that people don’t read the Bible, and about the obstacles that prevent us from reading Scripture as much as we want. Those are important matters—but there’s an even bigger question lurking in the background of these conversations: What’s the point of reading the Bible? We can talk all day about the reasons we don’t read the Bible. But why should we want to read it in the first place?

Have you ever been asked this question—or wondered if yourself? When we sat down to talk with author Annie Downs, we asked her to answer the question: What do you tell young people who question the value of reading the Bible? Here’s what she had to say:

This is a question that every Christian must face. We might start reading the Bible out of guilt, or obligation, or curiosity, or because we’ve heard it’s the “proper Christian” thing to do… but at the end of the day, what should bring us back to God’s Word over and over again is that it means something to us, our spiritual walk, and our everyday lives.

Have you discovered the value of reading the Bible? If somebody were to ask you “Why should I read the Bible today?”, how would you answer?

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Annie Downs is an author who loves helping young people—especially teen girls and young women—overcome the challenges that life puts in the way of their spiritual development. Her newest book is Speak Love. Follow Annie at her website or @AnnieDowns.

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