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Blog / “C.S. Lewis Daily” Begins Tomorrow

“C.S. Lewis Daily” Begins Tomorrow

Just a reminder: C.S. Lewis Daily, our new daily email featuring the best of C.S. Lewis’ writing, begins tomorrow! See our blog post last week for more information about it, or hop over to our Newsletters page to sign up.

Whether you’re already a Lewis fan or not, C.S. Lewis Daily is a great way to start off each day. In the first week alone, you’ll read material from his provocative The Screwtape Letters, a passage from his woefully under-appreciated Space Trilogy, and excerpts from his personal letters. There’s no better way (short of reading everything he wrote) to experience the incredible diversity of Lewis’ writing.

And while we’re talking about email devotionals, yesterday marked the launch of our completely revised Women of the Bible weekly devotional. The first entry in the updated devotional, which focused on the “Proverbs 31 Woman”, is already getting great feedback from subscribers. Here’s a short excerpt from this week’s Women of the Bible entry:

Many women find Proverbs 31 discouraging. Don’t let that happen to you. Remember, this very capable woman is ultimately praised not so much for all she accomplishes as for one thing: She fears the Lord. The woman who is worthy of praise is not necessarily the one who does all her own sewing or is a great cook or is a natural beauty—the woman who gets the praise is the woman who fears the Lord. That’s the target to aim for. Not outward beauty. Not a perfectly decorated home. Not even more intellectual knowledge or business acumen. Instead, aim for a bold, all-consuming love for God. Then you too will be worthy of praise.

If you’d appreciate devotional content like that in your inbox each week, sign up for Women of the Bible at our Newsletters page.

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