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Blog / The Christmas Story Devotional Begins Tomorrow

The Christmas Story Devotional Begins Tomorrow

The holiday season is a busy and sometimes rather chaotic time for us. There’s always last minute shopping to do (complete with long lines at the mall); we have to hastily finish up the decorations and replace the lights that inexplicably died while in storage, and, of course, bake 4 dozen snicker-doodles for that winter cookie exchange. But Christmas isn’t just a race to the finish, and you don’t have to get lost in the frenzy. Take a few minutes each day to remember why it is that we celebrate December 25 by taking part in The Christmas Story email devotional.

The Christmas Story is a step-by-step guide that leads you through the Biblical story of Jesus’ birth, from beginning to end. It doesn’t just focus on the familiar story of Mary, Joseph, and Bethlehem—it also comprehensively covers the Bible’s references and allusions to the coming of the Messiah. The Bible points to the promised Messiah from the earliest chapters of Genesis to the closing words of Revelation; and so a full understanding of the Christmas story should look not only at Christ’s birth, but at the promises and hopes that led up to it.

So please, enjoy this three-week series and re-live the first Christmas in copious detail. It starts tomorrow, December 6, so sign up today for The Christmas Story. You’ll receive a new installment every day consisting of a Scripture reading and a series of discussion questions about it. Join us as we get ready for the advent of our Lord.

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