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A Daily Dose of C.S. Lewis

cslewisAre you subscribed to C.S. Lewis Daily? In the weeks since it began, it’s become one of most popular new devotions on Bible Gateway.

Each day’s devotional is a short excerpt from one of Lewis’ works—drawn from sources ranging from his Narnia novels to his theological works to his personal letters. We’ve been talking about this one quite a bit, but that’s because we’re very excited to have this devotional on Bible Gateway! Here’s a typical daily entry:

“If the first and lowest operation of pain shatters the illusion that all is well, the second shatters the illusion that what we have, whether good or bad in itself, is our own and enough for us. Everyone has noticed how hard it is to turn our thoughts to God when everything is going well with us. We ‘have all we want’ is a terrible saying when ‘all’ does not include God. We find God an interruption. As St Augustine says somewhere, ‘God wants to give us something, but cannot, because our hands are full—there’s nowhere for Him to put it.’ Or as a friend of mine said, ‘We regard God as an airman regards his parachute; it’s there for emergencies but he hopes he’ll never have to use it.’ Now God, who has made us, knows what we are and that our happiness lies in Him. Yet we will not seek it in Him as long as he leaves us any other resort where it can even plausibly be looked for. While what we call ‘our own life’ remains agreeable we will not surrender it to Him. What then can God do in our interests but make ‘our own life’ less agreeable to us, and take away the plausible source of false happiness?” — from The Problem of Pain

If you’d like to receive a daily devotional like that in your inbox each morning, hop over to our Newsletters page and get signed up. You can also read C.S. Lewis Daily online, along with other classic devotionals by the likes of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Charles Spurgeon, and A.W. Tozer.

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