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Blog / Polish “Nowe Przymierze” Added to Our Library

Polish “Nowe Przymierze” Added to Our Library

We’re pleased to announce that the Polish Nowe Przymierze (“New Covenant”) Bible has been added to our library of Bible versions and translations!

The New Covenant translation is the complete New Testament translated into modern Polish. It is careful to convey the thought and meaning of the original texts while smoothing out idiosyncratic language and other details, presenting a text that is both easily readable and faithful to the original language. Theological concepts are translated literally, to preserve the Greek expression.

The Nowe Przymierze can be found on the drop-down menu in the Bible search box on our homepage. You can access and read more about it on the Nowe Przymierze version information page.

We’re grateful to Ewangeliczny Instytut Biblijny for making the Nowe Przymierze available at Bible Gateway!

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