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Blog / “Questions Answered” Newsletter: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About the Bible

“Questions Answered” Newsletter: Straight Answers to Tough Questions About the Bible

Do you have questions about the Bible? I think even the most devout Bible reader would admit to running into confusion at points, or to harboring tough questions about Scripture’s reliability and accuracy.

Next week, we’re kicking off a new free email newsletter specifically for anyone who’s ever asked a tough question about Scripture: Questions Answered.

Every week, Questions Answered will tackle a different question about the Bible and offer an honest answer that doesn’t beat around the bush. Here are some of the questions you’ll see addressed:

  • Can the Bible exaggerate and still be true?
  • Why do details sometimes differ from one Gospel account to another?
  • Are proverbs iron-clad promises?

It’s not wrong to ask tough questions like these of the Bible—in fact, in earnestly looking for answers, you might be surprised how much you learn about God’s Word. So whether you’ve asked these questions yourself or have been challenged by others to answer them, you’ll find Questions Answered to be a thought-provoking exploration of the Bible and its claims.

Questions Answered is drawn from the NIV Quest Study Bible, and is the latest in a series of free email newsletters centered around Bible reading and study. Sign up today to start receiving Questions Answered when it starts on August 30—and while you’re on the newsletter signup page, take a moment to browse through the other free resources there.

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