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Blog / Get to Know Your Bible with The Heart of the Story Devotional

Get to Know Your Bible with The Heart of the Story Devotional

Randy Frazee, host of The Heart of the Story.

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time—statistically speaking, you probably have at least one copy of the Bible sitting on your bookshelf. Why, then, do so many Christians struggle to actually read and understand Scripture?

Christians today increasingly find themselves caught up in a contradiction: we love and revere our Bibles, but we don’t know what the Bible actually says. If that describes your relationship to the Bible, or if it’s a problem you see at work in your church, we’ve got a new email devotional to help: The Heart of the Story with Randy Frazee. Visit our Newsletters page to sign up today.

The Heart of the Story marks a new type of email devotional on Bible Gateway. Each weekly email contains a video message from Randy Frazee describing ways that you can truly get to know the Book at the center of your life. If you’ve always felt intimidated by the Bible, unsure how all of its different parts (some of them with very difficult-to-pronounce names!) fit together as a coherent whole, this is the devotional for you. You’ll start to see how the many distinct pieces of Scripture build on each other to tell a single, remarkable Story.

The Story, the program on which The Heart of the Story is based.

The Heart of the Story video devotional draws on The Story, a program that helps churches turn everyday people into devoted Bible readers. Randy Frazee teaches and leads at Oak Hills Church alongside Max Lucado.

This new devotional is one that is close to our hearts at Bible Gateway—after all, our driving vision is to make the Word of God accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a new Christian struggling to read through the Bible or a long-time believer who wants to deepen your understanding of Scripture, we hope The Heart of the Story brings God’s Word to life for you in a fresh and exciting way.

The Heart of the Story begins on July 21. Sign up now!

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