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Blog / Welcome to the Bible Gateway blog!

Welcome to the Bible Gateway blog!

Welcome to the Bible Gateway blog! We plan to use this space to share with you Bible Gateway-related news, as well as tips & tricks for getting the most out of the Bible Gateway.

As we kick off the blog, this seems an appropriate moment to introduce the Bible Gateway and explain what we’re up to. The organization behind the Bible Gateway is Gospel Communications. The Bible Gateway is one of several online ministry projects they maintain.

The purpose of the Bible Gateway is simple: to make God’s Word available to as many people as possible, in as many languages and versions as possible. Altogether, there are currently over 80 different versions of the Bible at the Bible Gateway. We can’t do that without the help of a lot of different Bible translators and publishers—while some of the Bibles here are in the public domain, most are made available by special permission from the publishers.

Whether you’re a casual Bible Gateway user who stops by to look up a Bible verse every now and then, or a regular visitor who uses the Bible Gateway for ongoing research and study, welcome—we’re always working to make the Bible Gateway better, and we hope that this blog will introduce you to a few features and options you haven’t seen before.

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